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mmm the summer festival yesterday (06/02) was a fail as it was raining like the sky was gonna fall down on us.
BUT I did get the chance to see and meet some pretty spunky people ~ 8)
Janet and I stayed at the festival only for an hour and a bit; until the cosplayers arrived and we took a few photos and left drenched to the core. (See how dedicated we are!?)
It was nice seeing the traditional Japanese kimonos and cosplayers around but the weather just had to ruin a perfectly nice day. ):

One cosplay that I loved seeing because they cracked me up was the little Pac-Man group.

That was very creative of them ~ heh*

Here is a photo of the whole cosplay group.

I was hoping there would be more cosplayers but I guess the weather resulted in most of the people staying home. I mean there was high wind and heavy rain..
I was about to stay home as well but I was just so desperate to see Janet again that I couldn't stop myself.
And also the fact that i couldn't miss seeing the awesome cosplayers and Japanese culture fans in Sydney.

Anyways after all that, Janet and I stopped at the restroom two times to dry ourselves up by using the hand dryer machines. Oh thank god they were there, or else we would've been wet for the whole day.
We then stopped at a nice little coffee shop and after ordering our drinks, we sat down and chit-chatted about everything that happened on the first week of school. I guess all that chatting took us around two hours so we were sitting in that same spot in the coffee shop the whole time.
- upload image tomorrow -
After that we went shopping and I bought a new refill of Shiseido Hair Treatment with a new bottle of DHC Oil Cleanser! (Gotta love those stuff; Highly Recommended ~ :D ) and also some cutesy stationery from , Morning Glory.
At last we stopped at ChaTime and bought ourselves a cup of milk tea. That shiz is seriously addicting!
The say ended in a sob and we hugged each other, said our goodbyes and that was pretty much our day ~

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