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I'm FREE for the rest of the year! YAY( ^ _ ^)∠☆
This is mainly because School Certificate (SC) is officially over and it'll never come back to haunt me again ~
AND that also means I have just done the last History & Geography exams in my life! HOORAH! ヘ(^_^ヘ)(ノ^_^)ノ

However, other than this giddiness I feel from accomplishing SC, I have been feeling somewhat unlucky as our year has been the last to miss out on most things. Some examples:
1. We have JUST missed out on the free laptops for students - they started giving them out to kids in yr9 right after we finished yr9
2. We're the last year to do the School Certificate as kids after us don't ever have to do it again ~
3. We were the first year to do all the "NAPLAN" exams and other newly distributed exams
Just these mere reasons has thrown me off the hook... I don't know.. I just feel that it's quite unfair. *sighs
I mean I know those things don't mean much, and the years before us had to go through with it as well.. but to always miss out is just not a very nice feeling. 

Overall the exam was a joke. (to me) 
But kids were complaining about how some things weren't even mentioned in the test and they studied a whole night on it. And for some of the things that were tested, students didn't have the time to study for because they thought it wasn't going to be in the exam - eg. Ecological sustainability (sounds familiar? ha! yeah.. most of my friends from tuition class complained about that question. How it wasn't the typical "geological sustainability" questions like the ones in the past papers.)
One of my friends also missed 2 pages in the mathematics section. Poor dear... 
If that happened to me, I would have stabbed myself. (no it's not simply because I'm Asian.)

OH! I have also recently received a DOMOKUN from my brother.
It's so adorable! *lol
It smells nice as well.. and it was imported from Japan! *squeals

ANYWAYS  HAVE A NICE DAY and off to sleep for me!


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