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HIRO (new kitten) ;; He's the cutest darn thing .. but also the dumbest ~
I know whenever he starts looking around scratching the floor, it means he needs to pee pee/ poop. And YES! I do help him by putting him in the litter tray and hold his little paws to let him know it's okay to do his business there. BUT, guess what he does after?
He eats the kitty litter and because he cannot swallow it, he spits it out again. Then he cries and runs off.. (。_゜)
He's also been running into the glass doors around my house..
AND he has a habit of not napping until you sit there and watch him nap... such a handful ~~(゚Д゚≡゚Д゚)

Anyways just here to write a little update.

I've also been getting itchy lumps on the places where Hiro scratched me. If anyone knows if it's dangerous or infectious or whatnot please tell me before it's too late! (・_・ )

Today's also the first day (Term IV) of school for me ~
And I kinda fell asleep in class again. *sighhhh ~~
Official Trials for English and Science starts tomorrow. SO WISH ME LUCK ! (^_-)☆

credit: image @http://p7.p.pixnet.net/albums/userpics/7/7/27977/1205720590.jpg

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