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 St George Girls Yr12 Formal
So my formal was held at Shangri La Hotel but before that, the girls and I arrived at Meriton Service Apartments to do our makeup and hair and get dressed. And the funny thing was that I was lucky enough to have worn the navy dress to Benson's formal because Ren had the exact red dress as the one I was wearing for my formal. Anyways, after we got ready and took a few snapshots, Ellen and Vicki's parents drove us to Circular Quay to the place where we were going to hold our formal!

We arrived just on time and it had started to sprinkle~
All of us walked down the stairs of the grand hotel entrance, we found out that everyone had already started to enter the waiting room and we were the last ones to be checked in. But any who, we were still on time and were offered refreshments in pretty glasses before being led into the ballroom.
The ballroom was decorated really nicely as all the tables had a vase with pretty little ornaments on trees and they even had candles!!! Yeah.. I was pretty excited because I just love anything candle related. ((:
Our table was right in front of the dance floor so we were able to see everything that was happening for the night.

the menu; pretty ornaments

The night began with some entree (YUMMY!), then awards and then mains and after that was hitting the dance floor.
The music on the night consisted of the mainstream rnb dance music which was a lot better than the ones played in the Sydney Boys formal as it was a lot easier to dance to. Also, since we had the photobooth as well in the waiting room, a lot of the girls were lining up with their dates to take photos; and this time we had props to take the photos with: eg. face masks etc. In fact, the line was a lot longer than the one at S.B formal since we are an all girls school and which girl wouldn't like to have their photo taken in a photobooth!?
Oh did I mention that Una's brother was the same photographer for the Sydney Boys formal and ours?? We also got the same host and he recognised Benson and I. LOL!

Anyways, the night was just like any other formal; photos, dancing, eating, more photos and it ran extremely smoothly. So a thumbs up for the formal committee for putting in so much effort to organise it so that it was a perfect night to celebrate our completion of High School; like seriously, we even had dessert and cookies and tea!- I'm just sayin'; in comparison to the S.B formal it was like ten times better. Just kidding! (Even though there is a small amount of truth in every joke.) :D
And how can I forget; a photo of me and bubs. (:

Nawhhhh. Now isn't he adorabubbles? (:
Anyways after the night ended, we all just headed back to the hotel by a maxi cab and since it was raining, we decided not go karaoke after. Instead, we just popped a few bottles of alcohol into champagne glasses, opened a few bags of snacks and enjoyed the movie "9" followed by a horror movie before heading to bed at 3am- don't worry, everyone's sensible and drank in moderation so nothing happened. (:

left to right:
top: view from Cat's room (you can see Sydney Boys!); view from my room
bottom: the girls chilling; night view from the living room

This morning though, because we were making bacon for breakfast, one of the girls didn't read the sign in the kitchen indicating that "we shouldn't open the doors when cooking", opened the door and the smoke from the kitchen set off the fire alarm. Therefore the fire brigade rocked up, it was a false alarm and we had to pay an extra $800. I made a joke before the fire brigade came that they were gonna fine us for setting the alarm off and it was the only way the hotel was making money... andddd...it turned out that we were fined so it wasn't really that funny anymore since it had just become reality.
There were 8 of us so basically $100 each... And that's pretty much what happened... lols... $800 for bacon and eggs... yeahhhhh...

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Today was Bubbi's Sydney Boys Year 12 formal at the Hilton Hotel.
Before we went to the actual formal, Carl, Ren and I went to Benson's house to get ready!
I had to do Ren and my makeup and hair in a matter of around 2-3hrs and after that, we took the cab towards Townhall; where we went to the hotel and lined up to try to get into the ballroom where the formal was held. 

But yeah. The night was filled with hard style, dubstep music, sore feet, photobooth, sweaty boys and Howard getting whipped by Selina (lol).

We were fed a salad entree and a roast chicken with mashed potato main.
Other than the fact that they didn't serve us dessert, it was a fun night! ((:

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 11/11/11 PICNIC
So today was the special day of 11/11/11!!! The day where you're meant to make your wishes all day longggg~
Anyways, bubbi and I decided to have a picnic at Pyrmont Point Park aka Pirrama Park!
We met up at Townhall and took the bus at York St with all our picnic goodies - Benson brought an esky and most of the food/drink and tools while I had the kite, sausages, drinks and other little stuff~ yeah he was really well prepared as always and I just appreciate how much effort he puts into our little outings all the time. <33
The weather turned out to be extremely good, like super sunny considering that it was raining for the past week.
We arrived at the park and the bus driver was extremely nice to tell us to enjoy our day when we were getting off. :3

They renovated the park since the last time I went with new children equipment area and fountain and all that good stuff so I was very excited to show Benson around. Also the reason why I chose this park was because you could see the Anzac Bridge and the Harbour Bridge! It's extremely well managed and you get grass, concrete, wharf and the sea, what more could you ask for?
Anyways we found a nice little shady spot with tables, benches, modern electric BBQs and water - basically just everything that we needed for a perfect picnic - and we started to set up our stuff to start cooking all the chicken we had. Bubbi was in charge of cooking the meat cause he thinks he's awesome with BBQs and I was helping to chop all the vegetable up!
The food took a while to cook but it was all good because we got to spend time each having a go at poking at the meat and all that fun stuff! There were a lot of pigeons trying to steal our food, they even went to the extent of stepping over the BBQ stove once we were done cooking....

After we finished our yummylicious food, we decided to go fly a kite. We both have never flown a kite before so I decided to buy a kite so that we'd experience flying one together for the first time in our lives. The wind was pretty much going everywhere but after a long and tedious battle with the ocean wind, we managed to make it fly. It flew for around 5mins and came crashing down before we weren't able to fly it anymore no matter how hard we tried. And so, we surrendered and set off to Dixon Pool to find "the boys" and Ren. (:

After a few rounds of pool, we all waved goodbye to Ren and headed off to Kabow for some korean food. Jess and Selina arrived and everyone started to order alcohol. Benson and I decided to leave before everyone got smashed as they do get very crazy when they are drunk - eg. Tony pouring the cup of sake on himself and saying that no one poured any in his cup.

Anyways, after we left, bubbi had to show me a surprise and took me to Darling Harbour to light up candles as a form of making a wish on 11/11/11. It was super sweet and even though the candles didn't light up because of the strong wind, I was very appreciative of his efforts. x))))))
It was just sooooo sweet. But yeah. After we made our wishes, we headed back to Townhall station before it started to rain.


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So today was my 14th month with bubbi! hahahs and so he took me to one of his surprise outings again. yay!
It was extremely sunny when we arrived at the City at 12pm and in order to not let me know where we were going, he sent me off to buy icecream from Gelatissimo at Circular Quay while he bought the ferry tickets. I managed to pop his bubble and guessed that we were going to Taronga Zoo after I came back with the icecream. heheh

Anyways as we arrived at the wharf, we took the free shuttle bus up to the top entrance of the Zoo. We then bought our tickets and headed towards the reptile area. We ended up just trying to spot all the animals, almost like a where's waldo game because most of the reptiles would try to camouflage with the surrounding backgrounds. lols
OH! We also saw a Komodo Dragon feeding on a pig's leg. It smelt very bad but it was funny seeing it struggle to eat the huge piece of meat because we were voicing over what the reptile was thinking: "dude just stop looking at me. I'm just trying to eat" LOL! :D

When we finished looking at the reptiles, we saw a huge free running turkey on the fence and so I chased after it until it hid in the bush with another turkey. Unfortunately, Benson had to chase after me who was chasing after the turkey and people were staring like us as if we were freakos. :S
And so after that, we ended up in the giraffe area where I took a photo with the 2m tall baby giraffe statue. We also found out that I was around 166cm and Benson was 175cm. :DD
After giraffes, we went to see chimpanzees in display at the outside playground area. One was very aggressive and kicked the visitor glass that was shielding us away from the animals. It was literally like a ninja kick in the air and it made such a loud sound that everyone thought the glass was going to creak. Luckily it didn't and it only frightened some of the guests causing them to run backwards. hahahs.
We also tried to get a look at the male elephants but they were not on display. Instead I just took a photo of Benson and the tusk of the elephant who last stayed in the elephant temple.

Another area we visited after was the kids animal farm where we saw general farm animals like pigs, goats and chickens. But then we encountered rabbits and guinea pigs! :DDDD
There were even baby rabbits and guinea pigs!! x))

I got extremely hungry so we headed to the food court for something to munch on. Unfortunately it was already too late and all the food stores were closed. ):
Since it was nearly 5pm - the closing time of the zoo and we were both starving, Benson suggested that we head back to the City to grab food. And so, we headed out with the announcement from the zoo saying that they were gonna close. On our way out, we saw deer looking animals. The zoo has changed the display area since the last time I was at the zoo 2yrs ago as they covered the outer part of the fence with bamboo to stop people from getting too close to the animals. The "deers" were able to balance on the weirdest parts of a huge rock and we even saw one pushing another one out of its resting spot and then chasing after the other deer trying to flirt with it. hahahs.
And at the final part of the exit inside the souvenir shop, a seal was showing off and interacting with the guests behind the glass. It was quite a sight and he was very adorable.

As we arrived at the City, we headed towards Chat Thai for lunch/dinner and since it was nearly 6pm, they were full of people with a long waiting line. As we were waiting for our table, some ladies looked at the waiting list trying to figure out when they will get their table. Instead they read our "guest name" and was said out loud "WHO'S MIKE HUNT??" and we both giggled like little school girls. ((:
We finally got a table after around 30-45mins of waiting and had the "yummiest dinner everrr" quote Benson.O

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I finally finished the HSC!
After my last exam (chemistry), Catherine and Ellen also finished so we all headed towards Chatswood!
We looked around for formal dresses for the girls and then Catherine told us that Daiso is now opened in Australia! And it was right there in Chatswood!
So we headed to the store and WE WERE AMAZED!
The store looked AWESOMESAUCE! Nicely spaced and renovated~
They are all everyday products and are of good quality!

We went crazy inside the store and here are the stuff I managed to grab from this awesome place!
I am super happy with my purchases! Especially the hand cream because it is just a new HG item for me! I bought it in Jasmine (since it is my favorite scent in the whole entire world) and it comes in a pretty purple plastic tube and it smells just like jasmine green tea!!! YUMMMMMMM... other than the scent, it absorbs into my skin quickly while instantly moisturizes it without the greasy sticky feeling. I can seriously say, I love this more than my Crabtree and Evelyn handcreams.

As we headed out of Daiso, we encountered a beautiful garden right next to the station with heaps of roses. It was a breathtaking sight and even made Cityrail look decent. It was the perfect way to end our day. ((:

Anyways, I need to take a nap because I've just cleaned my whole room and have been deprived of sleep for some time now~ *dead

lalalalaaaaa feels so good to be school-less.

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 Bye Bye HSC! Hello Life!
My last exam is on TOMORROW WEDNESDAY 2/11 (chemistry T~T)!!!!
So that means I'm reopening my Formspring again! ((:
HSC has been pretty nice to me and even though there were some tough times, it was pretty awesome overall!

After exam plans?
mm I am gonna start tutoring for 2U, 3U and 4U Maths.. maybe Chemistry for the new yr11 or 12s~
Maybe get a casual/part time job at an awesome place!
Andddddd start playing mmorpg games again! lols.. yeah.. to be honest, I do miss them. alot. *guilty face
Also, there are plans to go shopping, picnics and just all the fun stuff to make myself forget about the results of the exam.
Oh! And since i'll be heading back to HongKong/China in December, I'll be loading my luggage with new game consoles and the whole Pokemon and Kingdom Hearts collection!!!! YAY!!!!!!! *inside geek giggling
And And And I can't wait for formal since it's the time when everyone can dress up and party the night away!
Anyways that is all I can say for now because I have to get back to my beloved Chemistry past papers. :S

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