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So today was my 14th month with bubbi! hahahs and so he took me to one of his surprise outings again. yay!
It was extremely sunny when we arrived at the City at 12pm and in order to not let me know where we were going, he sent me off to buy icecream from Gelatissimo at Circular Quay while he bought the ferry tickets. I managed to pop his bubble and guessed that we were going to Taronga Zoo after I came back with the icecream. heheh

Anyways as we arrived at the wharf, we took the free shuttle bus up to the top entrance of the Zoo. We then bought our tickets and headed towards the reptile area. We ended up just trying to spot all the animals, almost like a where's waldo game because most of the reptiles would try to camouflage with the surrounding backgrounds. lols
OH! We also saw a Komodo Dragon feeding on a pig's leg. It smelt very bad but it was funny seeing it struggle to eat the huge piece of meat because we were voicing over what the reptile was thinking: "dude just stop looking at me. I'm just trying to eat" LOL! :D

When we finished looking at the reptiles, we saw a huge free running turkey on the fence and so I chased after it until it hid in the bush with another turkey. Unfortunately, Benson had to chase after me who was chasing after the turkey and people were staring like us as if we were freakos. :S
And so after that, we ended up in the giraffe area where I took a photo with the 2m tall baby giraffe statue. We also found out that I was around 166cm and Benson was 175cm. :DD
After giraffes, we went to see chimpanzees in display at the outside playground area. One was very aggressive and kicked the visitor glass that was shielding us away from the animals. It was literally like a ninja kick in the air and it made such a loud sound that everyone thought the glass was going to creak. Luckily it didn't and it only frightened some of the guests causing them to run backwards. hahahs.
We also tried to get a look at the male elephants but they were not on display. Instead I just took a photo of Benson and the tusk of the elephant who last stayed in the elephant temple.

Another area we visited after was the kids animal farm where we saw general farm animals like pigs, goats and chickens. But then we encountered rabbits and guinea pigs! :DDDD
There were even baby rabbits and guinea pigs!! x))

I got extremely hungry so we headed to the food court for something to munch on. Unfortunately it was already too late and all the food stores were closed. ):
Since it was nearly 5pm - the closing time of the zoo and we were both starving, Benson suggested that we head back to the City to grab food. And so, we headed out with the announcement from the zoo saying that they were gonna close. On our way out, we saw deer looking animals. The zoo has changed the display area since the last time I was at the zoo 2yrs ago as they covered the outer part of the fence with bamboo to stop people from getting too close to the animals. The "deers" were able to balance on the weirdest parts of a huge rock and we even saw one pushing another one out of its resting spot and then chasing after the other deer trying to flirt with it. hahahs.
And at the final part of the exit inside the souvenir shop, a seal was showing off and interacting with the guests behind the glass. It was quite a sight and he was very adorable.

As we arrived at the City, we headed towards Chat Thai for lunch/dinner and since it was nearly 6pm, they were full of people with a long waiting line. As we were waiting for our table, some ladies looked at the waiting list trying to figure out when they will get their table. Instead they read our "guest name" and was said out loud "WHO'S MIKE HUNT??" and we both giggled like little school girls. ((:
We finally got a table after around 30-45mins of waiting and had the "yummiest dinner everrr" quote Benson.O

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