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ANNIE WILL BE OFF TO CAMP AT NARRABEEN FOR THE NEXT 3 DAYS so she won’t be able to post anything until she comes back on friday afternoon.
HAHAHS I WAS about to bring my laptop with me.. still contemplating over it..
buhhhh it might be too risky.. u know with all these asian kids at st george. The chances of this baby getting stolen are very highhhhh~ so we’ll see we’ll see.
lols. If I don’t bring you guys with me on my trip to wonderland, then there’s always the phone if you miss me too much.
mmm I would also like to wish JANETTT my  ♥ , a VERY VERY HAPPY 16th BIRTHDAY for tomorrow ~ ◕ ‿ ◕
Sorry I won’t be able to say it to you in person.. *sad face
BUHHHH I’ll try to call at 12am or something if I’m still up. and I’ll definitely text this shizzz to u on the dock. and spam your fb. ALSO GOOD LUCK ON UR EXAM TOMORROW BBY BOO ! I hope you pwn all their asses. lols ~
ehehehehehheheheheheheheheheheheheeheh ANYWAYS I SHALL BE OFF cause I'm still relatively ill...
TOODLES NOOBLETS!!!!!!  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥ 
(I was meant to update something about my childhood 2 days ago buhhhh it's still half finished and stuck in draft, so I'll probably post that up in the next week or so. *sighhhh)

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I saw a kid marchin’ with medals on his chest.
He marched alongside Diggers marching six abreast.
He knew that it was ANZAC Day - he walked along with pride.
He did his best to keep in step with the Diggers by his side.

And when the march was over the kid was rather tired.
A Digger said “Whose medals, son?” to which the kid replied:
“They belong to daddy, but he did not come back.
He died up in New Guinea on a lonely jungle track”.

The kid looked rather sad then and a tear came to his eye.
The Digger said “Don’t cry my son and I will tell you why.
Your daddy marched with us today - all the blooming way.
We Diggers know that he was there - it’s like that on ANZAC Day”.

The kid looked rather puzzled and didn’t understand,
But the Digger went on talking and started to wave his hand.
“For this great land we live in, there’s a price we have to pay
For we all love fun and merriment in this country where we live.
The price was that some soldier his precious life must give.

For you to go to school my lad and worship God at will,
Someone had to pay the price so the Diggers paid the bill.
Your daddy died for us my son - for all things good and true.
I wonder if you understand the things I’ve said to you”.

The kid looked up at the Digger - just for a little while
And with a changed expression, said, with a lovely smile:
“I know my dad marched here today - this is ANZAC Day.
I know he did. I know he did, all the bloomin’ way”.

- D. Hunter
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I'm chucking an all nighter the night before school starts because I forgot about an important Chemistry Assignment that was needed to be done for our next exam.
depressing.. can I cry myself to sleep? DON'T THINK SO! Cause I can't sleep. 
): <


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YOU ARE NOW LEGALLLLL to get your L's I mean.

I woke up at 3pm today and was late to Karin's Birthday Dinner by an hour.
And since I had to catch a bus to the City instead of the train, the trip took twice as long ~ from 30mins to an hour.

When I arrived at Musashi, I saw Connie and was very surprised since I thought she was still in China with Benson. But it turned out that she got off the plane just this morning. hahahs.
The food arrived and I ordered a fancy looking Lemon Ice Tea.
There were many people waiting inline for a seat (usually you'd have to wait aprrox 30mins to an hour) but since Karin booked our table a week early, we had no problem with getting our seatings.
Ambiance of the place was very good. We had Japanese business men laughing their way off with sake and families coming in for a fancy dinner.
The food was exceptionally well cooked and presented but I was not very impressed with the sashimi boat.
It mostly just had unnecessary decorations and such on it... barely anything edible.
Total cost for the six of us girls was approximately $200AUD and Karin paid for us all so that was pretty nice. ( ̄▽ ̄)

We then headed off into the empty City streets and headed towards Capitols for our sticker photos.
As we arrived up the stairs, I found some of the male workers at Capitols staring at us..
I found that extremely uncomfortable.
Anyways we took some photos here and there. Then I headed home while the girls head towards French Reviera for their dessert.


I called Conan while I was on my way to Central station as I was walking through the park by myself.....
That seriously freaked me out...
ANDDDD I forgot to reply to his texts and didn't pick up his calls after so LOL! He thought I got raped.

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"HAPPY BDAY TO KARIN CHINGGGG ~" was Posted On: Monday, April 19, 2010 @5:42 AM | 1 lovely comments
 slept in.
I slept in this morning when Joet called... So he and Chris ended up picking me up at my house instead..
lols. HOW EMBARRASSING ! I am soooo sorry.

mm we went out to the City and had lunch at ZoZo, a Korean Restaurant near World Square.
It had a pretty nice interior design, quite fancy to be honest.
But the place was very quiet.. so I guess it made it harder for us to "break the ice".
We shared one of the Korean BBQ menu between four of us and also ordered a Kimchi Pork Pancake.
While Alan ordered a Peach Ice Tea, I got myself a pot of hot Jasmine tea.
I wanted to order the Plum Sake though.. but too bad they wouldn't allow us since we were JUST underaged.
The food tasted alright.. but for $80AUD, I guess there's ought to have been a better place.
We also didn't finish half the food we ordered.. what a waste. ( ̄へ ̄)

We missed 2 sessions of a movie so we decided to roam Galaxy World.
We I won $30AUD of tokens and we wasted it on random machines.
We ended up with 332tickets and exchanged that for the most worthless random gifts ever.
But then again, it reminded me of how I was when I was a kid. And how I treasured those exchanged gifts...

We then set foot into Chinatown and roamed the Friday Night Street Markets, where they sold the most "fobiest" things for cheaper prices.
I found the fake Vivienne Westwood ring again.. oh how much I wanted to buy it.. but with the knowledge that it was fake (and also the fact that I don't like wearing any jewelery except for earrings)  made me stop myself from my impulse spending..
But I did however, bought a crepe at the pancake stand for $16AUD. And boyyyyy was it the worst thing I've ever spent on.
It was just so .. off.... the taste, the look..
the crepe itself was cold, the fruit was all shriveled up and the ice cream and jam had a funny sour taste to it..
I left that thing untouched..

Joet, then bought us coconuts to drink at another stand and I was hesitant on trying anything then....
but they urged me to try it so I did..
It was my first time trying something like that cause I never knew coconuts came in those shapes....
And I always thought they were Taro when I saw them at the supermarket. (  ゚,_ゝ゚)
It was quite nice actually ..

I also bumped into Miles and Ellie today!

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Today, Janet and I went to a karaoke outing with the Techs.
I was nearly 2hours late though..

We went to Mizuya for karaoke plus lunch and I have to say..
this place was really disappointing..
upon entering the room, I found that it was very very small and narrow with barely any walking space.
and we had 15 people so we at least got one of the medium sized rooms. NOT IMPRESSED.

small room.

The food was not anything special either.. the set meals were reasonably priced but the sashimi and sushi were another story altogether... also the ice cream was a nono (soft serve similar to ones from maccas w/ a swirl of choco cream for $2? you've gotta be kidding me)
but one thing that surprised me was their Gemini drink that I ordered.
I adore light n' fresh tasting drinks with not too much sweetness and this drink was exceptionally refreshing.
I loved the kiwi-apple mixed flavour. ♥

left: Green Tea ice cream;; right: Gemini drink

the cost overall was $20AUD p.p for food (an order up to $20) and 2hrs of free karaoke.

Janet and I left early and went shopping together with Edward the tag-along (nahhh he just had to go home with Janet so he came with us).
As we entered Myer, a sales lady gave us a coupon and told us to go to the SK-II counter for a free consultation, so Janet and I went and got ourselves some nice n free SK-II products.
What I really loved was the SK-II facial treatment mask. It made my skin feel like a newborn baby's butt.
Definitely going to get it again sometime (as it is quite pricey ~$125US for 10 sheets or $90US for 6 sheets)

left to right: SK-II Facial Treatment Mask, SK-II Facial treatment Essence, SK-II Facial Treatment Clear Lotion
I also went to the Clinique counter and bought myself the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel.
As winter's coming I thought I should start using a better moisturizer since my skin might dry up and flake..
the product hasn't broken me out yet and absorbs into my skin quite well.. so no complaints about it so far.
Bought it for $66.60AUD on a 10% discount.

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 3rd wheeling ~
That was the only good thing that happened today.

total of $12.10AUD ; Chocolate Dip && Cappuccino
A line from the Cappuccino cup that really strucked me: 
"Enjoy drinking hot coffee with melting chocolate in a decent way, don't forget you are an adult!
Lick the melted leftovers to keep your inner child alive"

Met up with the ultimate lovey-dovey couple; Janette and Steven. && Victor.N today.
I swear he's such a GANGSTERRRRRR GEEEE ! (:

I also learnt 2 new words today:

After Max Brenners, we just went Robin Thomas Park and sat down..
It was LAMEOOOOO. ):
But I did get to chuck grass at someone! HAZARRR ! 

left to right: Victor, Me, Janette

Janette and Steven left after that, so Victor and I went TOYS R US to steal some toys.
I felt like a kid again.  ♥ 

btw: I now owe Victor. So Sam, YOU OWE ME BIG TIMEEEEEEEEEEEE ! 

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 First Meeting.
and boyyyyyyyy is he white. hahahs ~
Envious? Yeah maybe just a little. (;

lols. I was kinda on time today.. I guess.. but "he came early" HAHAHAHAH~ (inside joke; how immature.)
It was awkward at first but that slowly faded.
We watched She's Out Of My League at the Event Cinema in Townhall.
The movie was .. one that wasn't disappointing but wasn't WOW either.
It was rather a watch, laugh and forget type of film.

Afterwards we went to Ten Ren Tea where we enjoyed some freshly brewed tea?
I ordered the Rose and Jasmine Infusion because I LOVE JASMINE AND ROSE TEAS~
Except I've never tried them together before so I thought it would be an interesting mix.
I absolutely fell in love with the fragrance of the tea. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. *big smileee
But the taste of the tea was nothing special to rave about...


Also I swear that shop hates me... even though it was my first time there ~
My first two snack orders were both unavailable (I ordered a sponge cake but because they said sponge cakes were sold out, I picked waffles. THEY DIDN'T HAVE THAT EITHER! *sad face ) so I had to settle for some funky baked squid. o.o;

it was relatively nice. (:

Joet ordered one of the Strawberry Crushed Ice Dish.
It was overly sweet and the strawberries had a strange sour taste to them...

not impressed.

We didn't end up finishing half the food. *feels bad
Then we just walked around the City enjoying the little time we had left before heading to Central station ~

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 catching up ~
Today, Isabelle, Karen, Gerald and I met up for a fun day out to the City (Angela wasn't present because she's currently in Thailand and Janet was just unable to come).
The original plan was to go Parramatta but Isabelle had to leave early so we decided it was easier to meet up at the city instead.

.. I was yet again late by an hour and a half. *shakes head*

We first went to Nando's for "brunch".

left to right: Nando's individual plate; ordering number 

And Karen ordered the "FAMILY FEAST" costing a total of $39.95AUD.
When the food came out, everyone just stopped and stared because there was so much food.
It was way more than what we expected - 2 whole flame grilled chicken and a huge platter of chips.

left to right: flame grilled chicken with mild peri-peri sauce; chips

There were a couple of jokes said about gaining a sh*tload of weight after the meal and in the end, we only finished half of the food we ordered (since it was only shared between 4 people) ~

After we finished our feast, we ended up in the new stationery store inside market city, next to the frat house - Typo. While roaming around the cute stacks of stationery available, we found a really funky lamp that had a naked boy and his p**** as the light switch. There were other mature stationery available which had stuff like boobage, but other than that, everything in the store was very adorably fancy looking with expensive price tags - much like kikki.K.

left to right: stationery; nudie-boy lamps

The last visit of the day was Broadway Shopping Center. Nothing too exciting happened but I did end up spending some money on clothes ~ I ended up with a total of 3 big shopping bags which made me look like a shoppaholic.
Finally when we finished our little shopping spree, we took the bus back to Central station and parted ways.

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 all nighter me.
This was the second all nighter I took in a row..
and I ended up reading a chapter of the Legal Studies text book while watching Pride and Prejudice (2005 adaption) ..
I guess it was quite an achievement, considering the fact that I have to watch it for English as we are studying EMMA next term.
I have to admit, Keira Knightly is utterly beautiful in every context.

(It's actually 9:20am if not for daylight saving)


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