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 catching up ~
Today, Isabelle, Karen, Gerald and I met up for a fun day out to the City (Angela wasn't present because she's currently in Thailand and Janet was just unable to come).
The original plan was to go Parramatta but Isabelle had to leave early so we decided it was easier to meet up at the city instead.

.. I was yet again late by an hour and a half. *shakes head*

We first went to Nando's for "brunch".

left to right: Nando's individual plate; ordering number 

And Karen ordered the "FAMILY FEAST" costing a total of $39.95AUD.
When the food came out, everyone just stopped and stared because there was so much food.
It was way more than what we expected - 2 whole flame grilled chicken and a huge platter of chips.

left to right: flame grilled chicken with mild peri-peri sauce; chips

There were a couple of jokes said about gaining a sh*tload of weight after the meal and in the end, we only finished half of the food we ordered (since it was only shared between 4 people) ~

After we finished our feast, we ended up in the new stationery store inside market city, next to the frat house - Typo. While roaming around the cute stacks of stationery available, we found a really funky lamp that had a naked boy and his p**** as the light switch. There were other mature stationery available which had stuff like boobage, but other than that, everything in the store was very adorably fancy looking with expensive price tags - much like kikki.K.

left to right: stationery; nudie-boy lamps

The last visit of the day was Broadway Shopping Center. Nothing too exciting happened but I did end up spending some money on clothes ~ I ended up with a total of 3 big shopping bags which made me look like a shoppaholic.
Finally when we finished our little shopping spree, we took the bus back to Central station and parted ways.

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