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 1st school day of 2011
Got my timetable. It's not very pleasant. Like literally.. on Mondays, I have 3hrs of nothingness.
I dislike how they put the compulsory subjects at the end of the day so that everyone has to stay at the school.

Today was an easy day.. just assemblies and introductions to the new year.
However it was extremely hot!!! Like 37'C+ and out school doesn't have any fans so it was like an oven in the classroom.

Also, we received our diaries during period 4! They're so much more bulky and uglier than last year's. grr
Like literally 1/4 of it was filled with random/useless facts.. what a waste of paper. I would've been happier if it was just a normal diary with dated and lined pages as well as relevant space to date our work.

But yeah.. that was my day. Nothing much happened. Just had tuition for Chemistry with Anson an hour ago.. am I extremely tired. But I will push on!
Just like what Mr Morris said:

"Just because you go to a selective school, doesn't mean you automatically get high marks. The only advantage you have is that you're up against some of the most talented kids in the state, right in this room. Not you, but the people around you. Thus the only way to get there in the end, is to support each other and put your heads down, bums up and work hard for it."

As sad as that sounds. I truly agree.

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- went to Mamak - not that great but nice ambience and fast service. met a food critic there!
- went to starbucks to wait for circus to start. half price frapps during happy hour (3-5pm) !!!!
- the moscow circus was the bomb !!! not really.. it had a very distinct plastic smell which bugged me throughout the show..

but benson was able to participate in the show since the clown came up to us and took him away from me. many asians came up to congratulate him on his excellent improvision after! :D
OH! and the circus chicks were all so fit and .. HOT! (;

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Recently, my HP laptop adapter stopped working so I have been surviving on my mini me - Samsung Netbook. Luckily HP sent me an email during Xmas, promoting their range of battery and adapters for the new years and I bought myself a new HP 90W Smart AC Adapter for my Pavillion! Prior to getting this adapter, I have been to Dicksmith in search for a universal adapter, but that didn't go down very well, as the various plugs to the laptop in the pack didn't fit (even though the packaging said it fits for "HP, Sony, Asus..blahblahblah laptops").

But! I'm very happy with my $69AUD purchase (with free shipping! *squeals*) and it's been working like a charm!


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I went to The Tea Room with my childhood friend Zahav (We have known each other for nearly 10yrs! Can you imagine that !?) @ Townhall QVB lvl 3 for High Tea Today.
Upon entry, the lady at the reception gave us a funny look which seemed like we were lost or something. But we told her we wanted a seat to have some tea, and she asked us, "you do know it's $37 each right?". We looked at each other and chuckled. Yes $37AUD is quite alright with us. So she took us in the Tea Room and helped us with the chairs and placed the napkin onto our laps. A man then came to us for the order and we chose the Traditional Afternoon Tea which comes with "A set selection of cakes and pastries, finger sandwiches, scones and preserve, tea or coffee".

While we waited for our food and tea, we both examined the room and figured out why the reception lady looked at us funny. The whole room was filled with classy ladies and gentlemen eating and chatting away and we were merely, just two teenagers looking for a place to drink tea. Also I found my Maths teacher sitting on a table socialising with more well educated others.
The food and tea was very well presented, tasted decent but I wouldn't say was worth anything near forty dollars. But then again, nothing in the QVB is worth that money.
The place had a very nice atmosphere where I was able to catch up with Zahav on little bits and pieces. But we both knew that we won't be coming back here until the next time where he has the urge to drink some "fancy tea" again. *chuckles

The Tea Room QVB
Lvl 3 North End,
Queen Victoria Building
455 George St Sydney
Ph: 02 9283 7279
Website: https://www.thetearoom.com.au/

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-went to Manly Waterworld today!

It's an aquarium, but Benson thought it was a funpark at first cause of the name. Since the tickets are rather cheap compared to the Sydney Aquarium which is located at Darling Harbour, the displays are not grand and there aren't as many colourful attractions. But I loved it more than the Aquarium because it was really relaxing and the fish there seemed like the type that loved attention and visitors. They're all get curious and come up to you when you go near the glass. - Unlike the boastful fish at the Aquarium which are all too used to tourists and humans.
One thing I have to point out is that.. I am now in love with the "mourning cuttlefish"!
They are just so adorable and irresistible. Like.. They'd follow your fingers when you put them against the display glass. Curious little creatures they are. But the sad thing is, most of them don't even live through their first birthday. ):
But yeah. Manly is quite pretty. Except the ferry ticket there is so expensive compared to a normal train ticket!


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 random shopping haul
Went out to the City with my brother Peter today.
Had lunch at Chat Thai! God I LOVE THAT PLACEEEEEE !!!!!!!
Cannot truly express just how much I love it. The service, food, price ... just everything is worth the wait for a table. ((((:

Anyways, we went to Missha in the TGV and bought some nail varnishes.
colours include: BR03, VL04, GL03. They all last pretty long for such inexpensive nail polishes (up to 2 -3 days without any chipping) and they rip off which is good for anyone who doesn't use nail polish remover. Also they all dry within a minute and have a rosemary scent after!
The brush which comes in the bottle is a large one perfect for "one touch" application, stopping the varnish from streaking. What is also good about this varnish is that the website claims they all contain pearl power so your nails become extra vibrant and makes your nails more stronger and less prone to breakage.

BR03 is a pastel opaque brown, which is very work friendly!
VL04 is a bright violet colour with small shimmers of pink and gold. (the swatches look blue, but in reality it's a beautiful magenta mixed violet colour)
GL03 is an earthy gold with small gold shimmers.

Then we went to Cotton On to buy some basics - eg. plain shirts and such for the lazy days
After that, we stopped at Myer and bought some Bonds & Mossimo undies because there was a further 30% reduction on already reduced items!
And Finally Morning Glory for new Study Planners/Daily Diaries!
So adorable and convenient! They like the size of my hand but have enough writing space to fit my whole day's schedule in (unlike the old diaries) !

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Got my driver's license today.
Alfa Romeo Mito! HERE I COME!


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Went to Sydney Tower for the first time today, with Benson.
This was surprise no#5!

Anyways we then had lunch at the new Mappen Japanese Noddle place next to Pepperlunch!
Super cheap and nice food!

After that, we just went to Mong to watch "Secret", the Taiwanese movie with Jay Chou in it.
It kinda freaked me out.. cause I thought the girl was a ghost. = =;
but it was a good movie!


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For NYE:
- went to RTA to register for a driver's license
oh and did I mention it was SUPERRR HOTTTT? Like nearly 40'C hot. And I was in a pair of skinny jeans and a black tshirt. = =;;
- went out and met up with Benson
- arrived at Green Box where Carl, Jess.W, Tin, Michelle, Selina, Howard, Cornelius and Brian were karaoke-ing
- ate dinner at SeoulRia with them and James Ruse peers
- after dinner, I bumped into Gerald, Izzy, Diana, Donna, Jeremy, Collin & Frank at the same restaurant
- made our way to Milson's Point, but everyone else went to Nrth Sydney instead so Carl, Tin, Joanne, Christine, Andrew, Benson & I all had to get on the next train to Nrth Sydney
- walked to Blues Point where the view was just exceptional and the bridge was right in front of us
- everyone set up the sitting spot near the ambulance outside the park as it was too crowded inside
- 9pm fireworks was bland
- some people left after the 9pm fireworks so we all sneaked into the park and got ourselves a spot rightttt infront of the bridge
- now we played the 3hr waiting game, during which Raymond and his gangster friends came to sit with us
- some of us fell asleep while the love birds were in their own little worlds
- 12am fireworks finally came and everyone stood up to watch - wasn't too great but it was still nice
this yr's theme was an opened hand. :D
- after that I had to rush home so Benson and I just left. The others stayed behind for the alkii and I think they were all crashing over at Cornelius' mansion. lols

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