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 random shopping haul
Went out to the City with my brother Peter today.
Had lunch at Chat Thai! God I LOVE THAT PLACEEEEEE !!!!!!!
Cannot truly express just how much I love it. The service, food, price ... just everything is worth the wait for a table. ((((:

Anyways, we went to Missha in the TGV and bought some nail varnishes.
colours include: BR03, VL04, GL03. They all last pretty long for such inexpensive nail polishes (up to 2 -3 days without any chipping) and they rip off which is good for anyone who doesn't use nail polish remover. Also they all dry within a minute and have a rosemary scent after!
The brush which comes in the bottle is a large one perfect for "one touch" application, stopping the varnish from streaking. What is also good about this varnish is that the website claims they all contain pearl power so your nails become extra vibrant and makes your nails more stronger and less prone to breakage.

BR03 is a pastel opaque brown, which is very work friendly!
VL04 is a bright violet colour with small shimmers of pink and gold. (the swatches look blue, but in reality it's a beautiful magenta mixed violet colour)
GL03 is an earthy gold with small gold shimmers.

Then we went to Cotton On to buy some basics - eg. plain shirts and such for the lazy days
After that, we stopped at Myer and bought some Bonds & Mossimo undies because there was a further 30% reduction on already reduced items!
And Finally Morning Glory for new Study Planners/Daily Diaries!
So adorable and convenient! They like the size of my hand but have enough writing space to fit my whole day's schedule in (unlike the old diaries) !

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