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 The day with my “ 老公”
hmm.. what did I do today.
Woke up at 7am, did some maths for Albert and then went to him for tutor from 10-12pm
After that, I was about to go to Bankstown to have lunch with Conan but then I decided to go home..
BUT! miraculously, I bumped into Victoria.D at Lidcombe station along with Kelly.
We decided to catch up at Gloria Jeans and started to rant about our studies and the expectations of our HSC year. It was too depressing, so we decided to cause ourselves even more pain by going to the pharmacy to get ourselves some matching piercings!
It took us ages to decide on the earrings we were going to get and I took a long time deciding where to get it.
Yeah.. so we got piercings together.
And now I'm at her house, looking through her life through numerous photo albums.. in 2hrs I saw everything. From the day she was born til now.
It was very interesting as her childhood consisted of many great adventures! From Wollongong, to Malaysia, to HongKong, China, Melbourne, Goldcoast.. and finally.. here. At her home in Auburn. (:
Yeah.. that's about it.
I'm now going to go home and sleep!

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