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Our yr12's were selling their textbooks at school today.
They're literally like.. BRAND NEW but for a fraction of the price!
Like .. a new Fitzpatrick 4U textbook would only be $5AUD instead of $50AUD.
hahahs. maybe a little exaggerated because I do not know what the actual price of the textbook is, but you get my gist!

The books I purchased:
-Mathematics Ext II examination papers with all solutions - The Mathematical Association of NSW
-Excel Fast Track 50 HSC Exam Tips Maths Ext II (4Unit)
-Excel Fast Track HSC Step by Step Study Guide Maths Ext I (3Unit)
-Excel HSC 3 Unit Maths - S.K.Patel
-Conquering Chemistry HSC Course (4th Edition)
-A bunch of Economics notes from Leading Edge Lectures
-HSC Economics Model Answer Series - Leading Edge (all topics)

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