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I attended Uni in a Day with David Wu, Zahav Capper and Fiona Tao today!
MEGA NERDING during holidays!!!

Location: Macquarie University
8am - 8:30am: Enrolment
8:30am - 8:50am: Why Macq. Presentation
9am - 9:50am: Soft-Soap, Snake-oil and Specious Reasoning: How to be a brilliant lie detector" (Philosophy Lecture) ** FAVOURITE LECTURE OF THE DAY!
10am - 10:50am: 
Introduction to Actuarial Studies (Actuarial Studies Lecture)
11am - 11:50am: Introductory Financial Accounting (Accounting and Finance Tutorial)
12pm - 12:50pm: Other Worlds (Astronomy Lecture)
12:50pm<: lunch

After that, we just left and went shopping at the Macquarie Shopping Center.
And I bought myself 5pens from TYPO. They also gave me a free pair of cute earphones!

Overall it was a fun day, with everything paid for by the University.
I could've done with more sleep though!

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