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Tomorrow will be my last exam and KABOOM! here goes the start of my last year of high school!
hahahs. Wonder why I'm not studying my ass off for tomorrow's exam? Well it's not that I don't care about my results or anything.. (I do actually care... A LOT! - lol you typical Asian)
but I'm dropping the subject anyways so there's really no point in busting my ass for that exam.
I might just doodle some monkeys on the paper and sleep through the exam.. (not really?)

mm.. update. update..
So what has Annie been up to for the last week or two?
Well! I had a little celebration lunch at iTaiwan  and went karaoke at CEO with Owen, Huy, Connie on Friday afternoon.. and then watched Despicable Me with Benson at Event Cinema in Townhall. The movie disappointed me... I was actually expecting something that would like... WOW me. But it turned out to be just.. just.. like the trailer. Nothing memorable or anything.. so I kinda yawned throughout the whole movie and ended up messing around with Benson's hand? LOL!
What else...

I also attended a wedding on Sunday night with my mum since my dad was busy and couldn't go with her. But the thing was that I had an extension maths and French exam the next day.. and even though I
told my mum that I didn't want to go.. she still made me.*sad face.
I practically didn't know anyone at the reception.. and mum was dragging me around the place, showing me to every single available guy there, somewhat like an auction to sell me off. That kinda pissed me off so I ended up ignoring every guy who came by that night...
OH! there was also this kind bartender who kept mixing me these funky tasting drinks throughout the night and I was the only person at the party who had those drinks..
that was kind of the highlight of my night cause they tasted so niceeee!

After the reception, I crashed at home.. but still made it through with a few ext. maths past papers!
"STAY STRONG!" I told myself... where I also told my mum that if I fail this exam and didn't make it to the 4U class, she'd be the one to blame. That kind of scared her off and I don't think she'd ever force me to attend any gatherings without my permission anymore.
Yeah.. That's it for now!

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