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My visit to USYD OPEN DAY.......

Can I just say that I HATE CITYRAIL! I absolutely hateeee trackworks.
It took me over an hour just to get to the City today.
And therefore, I was late to USYD.. and missed 3 mini lectures. *sad face
mm but I was able to attend the Bachelor of Economics lecture and it was pretty interesting.
Missed the Pharmacy lecture because the prof. had locked the door. = =;
And yeahhh ended up hanging out inside the Quad where they had the Tae Kwon Do performance.

Our group sat at the front cause we're awesome like that. *chuckles.

And while the Tae Kwon Do club displayed their awesome skills, my balloon dog ran away.. and a little girl picked it up.. and her dad shoved it in the pram ..and left..
yeah... so after the performance, we all just left to City to eat LOTS and LOTS of food!
Then I went karaoke for 2 hours.. and got home at 9pm.

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