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 Subject Selections - LETS GET READY FOR HSC!
We had to hand in our subject selections form for HSC yesterday and I've decided to pick up Ext2 (4Unit) Mathematics and drop Legal Studies.
In total I'll be taking 12 Units to the HSC and see how I go after the first term.
If all goes well then I'll also drop French and do a total of 10 Units which includes Maths Ext2, Adv English, Chemistry and Economics.
But if Ext2 is jst too overbearing then I'll drop down to Ext1 Maths and keep French with a total of 11Units. Sounds like a good plan? Maybe...
I think I'll end up sleeping at the library (my new home) since I can't seem to be able to study at home.. oh how I wish there was a 24/7 library out there somewhere. ):
Lets just put our hands together and hope that I don't screw up too bad and regret anything ~
Anyways I'll have to start stepping on the accelerator and try my best! hahahs.
Wish me luck guys~ HERE GOES NOTHING!

One more note: my preliminary exams will start in 2wks from the 06-17/09 and after that it's just gonna be work nonstop. So lets try to enjoy our last days of childhood together and hope for the best future. 

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