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 Winter Mono Picnic
We went all the way to Concord West, Bicentennial Park for our once a term tuition class picnics; in order to keep us kids active during the holidays.
During our activities sessions, we played: Basketball, Bull Rush, Duck Duck Goose and Spin the Bottle; Truth or Dare. I ended up having to piggy back Leon Chen up a hill. God it was painful. 
Had "Asian" Styled Chicken Kabab for lunch which mostly ended up on the ground because the fillings kept falling out.. 
Played Volleyball for a while and I noticed that I had accumulated a few bruises from it. grr.
After that, because I didn't sleep the night before, I ended up dozing off and eventually fell asleep on Victoria's shoulder. *giggles
That was basically what happened...It was just like every other picnic I've been to since yr7 and I ended up spending the day chilling with the mono-ers and especially Cici. I don't know why.. but mono picnics just don't seem as exciting anymore. 
*sad face

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