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I went to Fitness First at North Strathfield with Cici today ~
We were there for a total of 3hrs and god was it tiring.
I felt like I just shredded a whole layer of skin, kinda like snakes.

left to right: top: me; Cici and I
bottom: FF; Cici infront of change rooms

After that we made our way to the City and had lunch at iTaiwan in Chinatown. I loved the interior design of the place, more specifically their chandeliers. Also the staff there were very nice and it was fun ordering from the touch machines next to the tables.

Food wise, it was very cheap and very yummy ! Definitely a place to come back to whenever you feel like having a filling, not overpriced and basically nice lunch.

And basically we just went to Greenbox for another round of Karaoke, and headed home. 

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