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 meant to be studying..
HOLA! - I've been having a pretty bad week. So don't tick me off. (:
I've received all my notices for the upcoming exams ..
here they are... for the next 2 weeks, annie is going to be stuck in piles and piles of paperwork.
yay how fun.. = =;
Yes I am working very very hard.. I even read 57 pages of legal policy right after I woke up this morning! Then I kinda.. just.. went on youtube for an hour... and forgot about the whole thing...BUT nevermind about that for now. hahahs.
Anyways since Mish Liang's 16th was on Thursday and she's holding a party at city tomorrow night, I had to go out and grab her presents. Well.. we had people chipping in for her present .. so I guess the cost wasn't that big.. 
(some people still hasn't paid me, so I had to fork out like 100bux from my own wallet. *sad face)
Altogether we got her a skimpy skirt imported from japan and Marc Jacobs - Daisy.
I know you wanna see em.. so here they are!

mm .. I also grabbed myself a pair of new boots.. simply because I needed a pair of boots for the current winter season

God I love the queen. (:
Anyways, off to nerd 3U maths!


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