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 a series of firsts. do you remember yours?
reporting on Sydney's weather
It's been cold.. and cloudy.. and rainy and it just feels really gloomy these days. 
And it's only AUTUMN! ~ unbelievable...
We're stuck in the midst of flus and sneezes while the rest of the world are in the prime time of smiles and sunshine.
- sad face -

I'm meant to be at my baby cousin's first birthday party today but instead, I'm stuck at home studying for my French exam that's due tomorrow.
She's turning one today and her parents, as rich as they are, is holding a hugeeee party for her.
hahahs. how nice. I bet she's going to be super pretty and super tall when she grows up.
since she's half European.. and her dad is like.. 2m? heh lucky girl ey? (:
as much as I want to be part of all the celebration and the meeting with renowned individuals that are currently attending the party, I have to think about myself and the situation I'm currently in..
Senior years is seriously really different.
I kinda regret that I didn't enjoy myself as much during my junior years now. *chuckles.
mm.. anyways I would just like to wish CHARLOTTE a very very HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY.
May your future years be full of happiness and love.  
Anddddd that you'll grow up to be as beautiful, smart and successful as your mother. 


hahahs .. 
mm yeah.. I'm failing miserably at staying focused.. 
and this is what I do to keep myself sane.
warning: KIDS! don't scribble in your notebooks like I do. 

ANYWAYS. one more thing before I return to shoving my face inside my French textbook,
Do you guys remember your first birthday?
- cause for me, I've never celebrated my birthday until I was 9.. 
hahahs. Infact I didn't even know when my birthday was until I was 9.. funny thing huh?

heh. Alright then, back to hardcore studying. 
Have a nice day guys. 

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