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ANNIE WILL BE OFF TO CAMP AT NARRABEEN FOR THE NEXT 3 DAYS so she won’t be able to post anything until she comes back on friday afternoon.
HAHAHS I WAS about to bring my laptop with me.. still contemplating over it..
buhhhh it might be too risky.. u know with all these asian kids at st george. The chances of this baby getting stolen are very highhhhh~ so we’ll see we’ll see.
lols. If I don’t bring you guys with me on my trip to wonderland, then there’s always the phone if you miss me too much.
mmm I would also like to wish JANETTT my  ♥ , a VERY VERY HAPPY 16th BIRTHDAY for tomorrow ~ ◕ ‿ ◕
Sorry I won’t be able to say it to you in person.. *sad face
BUHHHH I’ll try to call at 12am or something if I’m still up. and I’ll definitely text this shizzz to u on the dock. and spam your fb. ALSO GOOD LUCK ON UR EXAM TOMORROW BBY BOO ! I hope you pwn all their asses. lols ~
ehehehehehheheheheheheheheheheheheeheh ANYWAYS I SHALL BE OFF cause I'm still relatively ill...
TOODLES NOOBLETS!!!!!!  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥ 
(I was meant to update something about my childhood 2 days ago buhhhh it's still half finished and stuck in draft, so I'll probably post that up in the next week or so. *sighhhh)

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