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 slept in.
I slept in this morning when Joet called... So he and Chris ended up picking me up at my house instead..
lols. HOW EMBARRASSING ! I am soooo sorry.

mm we went out to the City and had lunch at ZoZo, a Korean Restaurant near World Square.
It had a pretty nice interior design, quite fancy to be honest.
But the place was very quiet.. so I guess it made it harder for us to "break the ice".
We shared one of the Korean BBQ menu between four of us and also ordered a Kimchi Pork Pancake.
While Alan ordered a Peach Ice Tea, I got myself a pot of hot Jasmine tea.
I wanted to order the Plum Sake though.. but too bad they wouldn't allow us since we were JUST underaged.
The food tasted alright.. but for $80AUD, I guess there's ought to have been a better place.
We also didn't finish half the food we ordered.. what a waste. ( ̄へ ̄)

We missed 2 sessions of a movie so we decided to roam Galaxy World.
We I won $30AUD of tokens and we wasted it on random machines.
We ended up with 332tickets and exchanged that for the most worthless random gifts ever.
But then again, it reminded me of how I was when I was a kid. And how I treasured those exchanged gifts...

We then set foot into Chinatown and roamed the Friday Night Street Markets, where they sold the most "fobiest" things for cheaper prices.
I found the fake Vivienne Westwood ring again.. oh how much I wanted to buy it.. but with the knowledge that it was fake (and also the fact that I don't like wearing any jewelery except for earrings)  made me stop myself from my impulse spending..
But I did however, bought a crepe at the pancake stand for $16AUD. And boyyyyy was it the worst thing I've ever spent on.
It was just so .. off.... the taste, the look..
the crepe itself was cold, the fruit was all shriveled up and the ice cream and jam had a funny sour taste to it..
I left that thing untouched..

Joet, then bought us coconuts to drink at another stand and I was hesitant on trying anything then....
but they urged me to try it so I did..
It was my first time trying something like that cause I never knew coconuts came in those shapes....
And I always thought they were Taro when I saw them at the supermarket. (  ゚,_ゝ゚)
It was quite nice actually ..

I also bumped into Miles and Ellie today!

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