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 First Meeting.
and boyyyyyyyy is he white. hahahs ~
Envious? Yeah maybe just a little. (;

lols. I was kinda on time today.. I guess.. but "he came early" HAHAHAHAH~ (inside joke; how immature.)
It was awkward at first but that slowly faded.
We watched She's Out Of My League at the Event Cinema in Townhall.
The movie was .. one that wasn't disappointing but wasn't WOW either.
It was rather a watch, laugh and forget type of film.

Afterwards we went to Ten Ren Tea where we enjoyed some freshly brewed tea?
I ordered the Rose and Jasmine Infusion because I LOVE JASMINE AND ROSE TEAS~
Except I've never tried them together before so I thought it would be an interesting mix.
I absolutely fell in love with the fragrance of the tea. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. *big smileee
But the taste of the tea was nothing special to rave about...


Also I swear that shop hates me... even though it was my first time there ~
My first two snack orders were both unavailable (I ordered a sponge cake but because they said sponge cakes were sold out, I picked waffles. THEY DIDN'T HAVE THAT EITHER! *sad face ) so I had to settle for some funky baked squid. o.o;

it was relatively nice. (:

Joet ordered one of the Strawberry Crushed Ice Dish.
It was overly sweet and the strawberries had a strange sour taste to them...

not impressed.

We didn't end up finishing half the food. *feels bad
Then we just walked around the City enjoying the little time we had left before heading to Central station ~

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