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So I had English tutoring with Emily this morning at 10am and then after I finished bubbi picked me up and we headed for a morning coffee at My Sweet Memory in Strathfield. They also opened another one in the city under Shinara and let me just say, their mocha and caramel latte are to die for!! To me personally, their mocha is almost comparable to Max Brenner's mochas with milk chocolate, but for a fraction of the price ($4 for reg and $5 for large vs $6.50 for large).
Anyways after coffee, we headed towards Strathfield library for some hardcore studying. And yes we got stuff done. I finished a 3U and 4U trial paper during my time there so that was good.
It was around 3pm before we decided to head to Homebush for some lunch. Since the Cafe's kitchen closed at 3pm, we decided to head next door and eat some Asian food at Wokk In. That was kinda mediocre... and then I saw the flower shop next to Wokk In opened again. (Since it has run out of business a couple of times before). And then .. something caught my eye.
Other than the bunches of bouquets, there were cute plushies and very girly decorations with nicely packaged hand creams. So I took Benson's hand and walked inside. To my surprise, this flower shop - Petals and Posies actually stocked some goods from Australian brands such as Urban Rituelles and Ecoya. As everyone who knows me well knows that I absolutely loveeeeee nice smelling things - no matter if it's me, my room or anything and I have purchased Urban Rituelle perfumes for a few friends before and I have been eyeing Ecoya's soy waxed candles for a while now since both brands have been on sale on Brands exclusive (a discounted website for branded goods and also the place where I purchased my Lee and Rider jeans and IHana brushes) so I inquired the nice lady who owned the shop about the fragrances of all the candles she had in stock. She was very kind and helpful and soon I was stuck between picking the fragrance candle (with a beautiful glass jar) in sweet pea and jasmine or the lotus flower. At the end of the day, I purchased the Fragrance Candle in Sweet Pea and Jasmine (for AUD$37.95 - it's actually AUD$39.95 on the Ecoya website so I got lucky?) as I liked it more than the other, but Benson preferred the lotus flower. Since the candle burns for up to 55hrs, I guess I'll just have to purchase the other fragrance next time when it's on sale on Brands exclusive or whenever I go back to that flower shop again.
But yeah.. that was basically my day. Actually the candle's burning as I'm typing this and it's delectable~


Pure, natural soy wax hand poured into a contemporary sand, soda ash and lime glass jar. 270g, 9.5oz. Up to 55 hours burn time.
Anyways, that was my little haul of the day - sorry about the length but I'm just addicted to nice smelly things so I couldn't let this one pass.
Also did I mention it was Benson and I's 13 month today? (:

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