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 19th Bday dinner @ China Doll
I turned 19.
On the 19th. Apparently, it was also the 19th in the Chinese calendar this year. Weirdddd.

Anyways, to celebrate Benson drove to my house and picked me up for dinner at around 5pm.
I didn't know where we were going so here comes another one of his surprises!

We turned into this amazing looking wharf slightly off the cbd and it turned out to be Woolloomoloo.
And so we parked the car and he led me towards the finger wharf where there were many yachts parked along the side. It was super sunny and because we beat the traffic and it was still early, we decided to take a few pictures before the restaurant opened.

We then headed back to the entrance of the restaurant at 6pm. Turned out we were having our meal at the highly rated China Doll. We were seated on the inside and the decor was simple with a lot of Asian inspired China pieces. Get the pun? Yeah no, me neither.... (lame)
We ordered around 7 dishes with rice and came to a total of around $120 including a cocktail; which was amazing for the standard of food! Plus we got an amazing view of the CBD towers! Though the servings are small so be careful if you're tight on the wallet and is planning to go in a large group.
Also did I mention that the waiters were extremely nice? haha I was expecting oriental waiters (because of the name of the restaurant) but turned out they were all Aussies who were really easy to talk to and make sure we were served exactly the way we wanted. They were really attentive, informed us about the serving sizes and halving them so we didn't end up wasting food. Oh and the food came super fast! After we finished one dish, the next one just comes within minutes!
Anyways, enough talking. Here's some food porn for you. (:

After that, we drove home and shared the birthday cake my brother bought me. :D

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