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 New Camera!
Bought the SONY ALPHA NEX-F3 with the 18-55mm lens while at work today.
Dw I didn't buy it on a whim, there was thorough research involved ever since my trusty Canon died on me after 8yrs of bonding. Though needless to say, I did want something more than a point and shoot so I delved into the new and exciting world of Mirrorless Compact System Cameras.
It was a tough battle between the Samsung NX1000 and the one I actually got. Even today and yesterday, I was so set on grabbing the Samsung at JB Hi-Fi for an awesome deal of AUD$446, but as I played around with it around the shop for the 2nd time, something just didn't seem right. Yeah the iF was really clever and allowed easy access to all the manual settings quickly with a quick swivel of the focus lens, but the picture quality (even with Smart Auto) was missing something.
Then I went around several shops asking to try out the Sony NEX-F3 (since JB was out of stock) and surprise, surprise, most had sold out! And then I remembered that there was a not well known camera store (DigiDirect) tucked in the corner somewhere and the Salesperson was really persistent. But he was a good bloke, and I tested out the camera there. And  first thing I noticed was the more sturdy feel of the casing, then the mission to find the menu began. Yeah it was kind of tricky and you really have to dig through everything with buttons but I'm pretty sure once you start using it, you'll understand why Sony put every single setting under 1 single button. Sure it's not as fun as adjusting through the lens in order to try to look like a pro but lets face it, nobody's going to care if you're holding the entry level model. But yeah, then it hit me! The Focus Point comparison was what made the difference (25v15), even though the Samsung had a higher resolution (20v16MP) and shutter speed (8v2.5FPS), there was a major difference when you wanted to be a bokeh whore. And it took a longer time for the Samsung to focus on certain things because it gets confused as you flick it at something suddenly then it goes "oh okay lets see, oh you want me to shoot that!"
Then I heard the price tag, at most places the single lens kit was around AUD$600, only Teds were selling it for AUD$499.95 so I was about to go to the City to see if they had any in stock. But at this shop, for their Boxing Day special, they were offering it for AUD$497! haha $3 difference. Not a lot, but still saves me the time spent on the trip and back.

-images and full review after I charge it up-

And after that, I just had lunch with Benson at the "fancy" food court, not really, but that's what we all call it at work because it has nice views of the City.
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