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You guys must be so annoyed with me by now hahah. Does anyone still even read this anymore!? Wait.. actually.. did anyone read this to start with? :$
Funny how it has been around a year since I've written a PROPER post though.
It was like yesterday since my yr12 graduation and now I'm looking around and kids are going to formals already!

Haha. Blogger has been updated so I just lost the incentive to play around with all the new settings and such. Also because Uni is taking a toll and I'm currently tackling 2 jobs. :S

Hmm.. so what's been happening for the past; I don't know.. 6months?
Well I Went to Gold Coats with the girls and Benson;
Became employed with Wittner since August;
Got my P's; so I can officially drive myself around without relying on shittyrail;
Started tutoring Maths;
Started painting landscapes on canvases again;
Dates with Benson at Gardens and whatnot;
Dinner with the girls because it was Ellen's 19 at Holy Basil; tbh their fried ice cream is kind of over hyped... I was so underwhelmed that I literally just took a bite and wanted my money back.
mm I also Got myself a new car: Peugeot 207 Sportium for around 21k; yeah I kinda nagged the sales to give it to me for 6k cheaper than the rrp... :S What? I am a poor uni student! ):
And now about to start tutoring Economics for Greg.

Yeah.. das wassup...
And I've been spending money like CRAZYYYY recently... just slip out of my hand like water..
Seriously need to stop buying things on ASOS and whatnot. Half the stuff I haven't even taken the tags off....

But other than that, I haven't done much and don't think I'm about to do anything else other than uni, work, sleep.
So how have you guys been? (If there is anyone still reading this lols..)
Oh also! Formspring hasn't been working for ages so that's why I haven't been answering anything; if any of you's did ask anything at all. So next time, just leave a comment here or something with "anonymous" as your identity if you like, and I'll get back to you someday when I get to it. I get alerts if someone does comment here so I can get back to you faster this way as well.

mm that's about it for now! I'm gonna disappear for another 6 months!
Jokinggggggggggg! ... maybe...

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