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 connie and irene's bday party!
Well, it's going to be their birthdays and to celebrate, they invited me to their party at Huy's cribbb in Revesby.
After my driving lesson that morning, Benson and I drove to Huy's place a little later than everyone else and upon arrival was greeted with surprise photos taken by Maria&Co. I gave Connie and Irene their presents and then we set off to the guest room to find everyone sitting there all excited to start the challenges/games.
First, it was a game of shaking off the sticky notes, then the pocky game and the challenges ended with chubby bunny. Highlight? Well, during the pocky game, Benson was one of the participants along with the drunk Raymond, andddd they very nearly kissed. But.. Sandy and Connie, they actually did kisssss! LOL! Oh! and Janet was just soo adorable during the chubby bunny game. heheh.


Then came the karaoke, cake cutting andddd group photos! (:


Most of the people left after that and with less than half the group left, we continued the games with a mix of chinese whispers and draw something. After that, I got a little hungry but soon found out that they had already finished eating the food that was meant to be bbq as we had arrived late. And so Benson and I excused ourselves and left for pho at Bankstown. We were first determined to go eat at the club but then since I wasn't 18 yet, pho had to suffice. But it was still good! As the pho at Bankstown is yummmo!!!!
After pho, Benson just drove me home and we both called it a day~

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