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So venerable asked me for the third time to see if I wanted to teach at the tuition classes at monastery again..
Should I? Or should I not? 
Also.. I'm thinking about starting a humble little beauty channel on Youtube for the fun of it.
Should I? Or should I not? 

You see, this is what happens when I have too much time in my hands. ):
I even tried to paint for the first time in 3yrs... don't judge me. I'm just an amateur. I promise I'll try to improve! You know what, I should also grab myself a tablet so I don't have to draw on paper or canvases... but then again, maybe not... because the traditional way is more fun even though it's messy..

yeah.. this took me an hour or two and I have no idea where I got the inspiration from so don't ask. I guess it's a pretty common theme though.. the sky and trees.. it's pretty much overdone so not much to say about that.

mm..I should really go do something productive..
Well first thing's first: Must get my P's so that I can get around easier.
And I'm still waiting for replies from UNSW or USYD!
This is making me anxious..

Oh! Did I mention that my dad and brothers have arrived in Australia with their goodies? They landed at 9pm on the 12/01.
So finally I can start putting together the photos for my China journal. yayyyyy~
Anyways, I'm off for a nap!

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