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 class of 2011
Year 12 2011 of St George Girls graduated today!
Ms Whitehead (our year adviser and my chemistry teacher) gave a very funny yet emotional speech. She mentioned some life quotes relating to birds and how they tell us that our world is like an oyster shell. She said this is because oyster shells are easy to open so we can get pearls out of them. But then she contradicted this  with facts about how there is only a 1 in 10,000 chance that we'll ever naturally find a pearl in an oyster shell and that there is only a 1 in 1,000,000 chance that we'll ever get a pearl the size and shape we consider to be valuable. So basically we're telling our kids to dedicate their lives into opening oyster shells for an empty promise. And then she moved on to joking about going to a friend's graduation and not understanding a word of his professor's analogy of life. So she made her own analogy: think of life as a road trip (because she often goes on road trips). Right now, at St George, it's like we're at a car dealership, getting ready to choose our cars for our long trip to the horizon. Some of us will choose Ferraris cause we wanna get to the horizon as quickly as possible, some will choose a laid back van cause we wanna stop and smell the flowers along the way and some will choose Rolls Royce cause we wanna travel in style and be noticed by everyone we past. And during our road trip on the high way, we'll meet some problems like running off into the wrong roads, or the car might break down, and during those moments, we would just have to stop, and think about our situation before bravely reversing and turning back into the main highway. The people in the hall - our parents and friends will guide us and act like the NRMA or RTA people. Whereas Miss Whitehead, will become the little bird who'll fly beside our windows and when we look out, we'll think to ourselves "hey that's the same little bird I saw 20kms back".. and as we keep driving along, we'll eventually not recognise that same little bird... and then Miss said that, however, we should all remember that she'll always be there to watch over us when we burst a tires or run into dead ends etcetc  - at this point Miss bursted out into tears, I cried and so did everyone else. So yeah.. After that everyone got their graduation portfolios and Celia and Winnie gave a brilliant piano performance.

getting my graduation portfolio from the principle

Afterwards, we had a Garden Party with our parents and teachers where we took our last photos in school uniform and my parents and Peter (my brother) bought me a big teddy and a bouquet of flowers.
Vicki also made us cookies!

With Family: 

With Buddies:

The day ended with hugs and kisses, and everyone headed off with either friends for a girls night out, or like me, went with their parents for a nice family dinner.

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