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 USYD OPEN DAY 2! - sorry no photos
As you guys all know, I went to the USYD Open Day today. (:
This time, i went with my brother Peter, my childhood friend Zahav and my bubbi Benson. But along the way, we met up with "the boys" - (Syd Boys like to call each other that i guess?), Benson's school mates and hung with them.
There was track work at the western line today so it made it more difficult to get around. grr.
So I planned to meet Zahav at the station and Benson at the university. But instead, Peter slept in so Zahav, tired of waiting, walked from the station to my house and met up with us along the way.
On the bus and train towards the university, we met a lot of familiar faces. Like people from school and tutor etc. And one of them was Shirley from economics tutor.
When we finally reached the university, Benson arrived eventually and Zahav ran off with Shirley to a Speech Pathology lecture. Benson and I decided that speech pathology wasn't our thing so we just walked towards the Economics lecture. When we got there, Howard and "the boys" came and we just went in together.
They didn't tell me things that I already didn't know so it wasn't very interesting for me. Half way through the lecture, Everyone in the group walked out except for me, Howard and friend- Benson and Peter went to the aeronautical lecture for me because I was interested in it.
After the lecture finished, the friend walked off and Howard and I just went to buy food cause we were hungry. I ended up paying $25 for 3 crappy sandwiches and 2 bottles of water. The water wasn't even from Mt Franklins or anything - for Benson and Peter as well of course.
We walked to a bench under a big tree next to the law building and had lunch there... awkward moment.... and after we finished, we decided to go find Benson. Along the way, we bumped into Carl and Dennis? and made our way towards Subway. Seeing it was full of people, we walked to the opposite cafe and they ordered a toasted sandwich and a lasagne respectively. Those costed less than the shitty sandwich I had and I just complained to Howard about how we could've gotten better food....
Benson, at this time was still playing with the flight simulator with my brother... and then when a little more boys came, Benson finally turned up with my brother. And then even more boys came and Benson, Peter and I just went to Subway. And then Zahav came back to us and he took me to the toilet. (:
When I came back, all the boys already went to game at net cafe, and only Carl and Dennis? stayed behind to wait for Ren. But Ren had some problems with her parents letting her to come out so we decided to leave USYD and go to City. :S
We all then took the bus to Townhall, to check what "the boys" were were up to. They were still at the game cafe and because non of us wanted to game, we just went to watch a movie. I suggested "Horrible Bosses" and so we watched it. It was a hilarious movie, dirty jokes, but it was good. I felt as if it was sometimes overdone, but it still kept me relatively entertained... not really towards the end, but the beginning and middle was okay. I mean, Carl and Dennis? literally ROFL'd. Like.. literally rolled off their chairs and onto the floor.
After the movie, "the boys" including Benson had to attend Corny's Birthday party (HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY!), so I took Zahav and Peter to dinner at Takeru.
Peter had a Ramen, I had an OmuSoba and Zahav, as white as he was, ordered a Spaghetti.
After dinner, we just went home because it was dark.
mm that was about it! Long and tiring day with lots of walking.
Didn't get much out of it (like always) and time passed so fast.
Sorry about not getting any photos though! My brother had my bag which had my camera in there so I didn't get to snap anything by the end of the day.
I'll be there too and hopefully be able to get more out of it than the USYD one.

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