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 Butt full of bruises.
Benson told me to meet him at Central station this morning for a date but when he arrived I was hungry so we went to ChatThai for brekky! I like to have things that are lightly flavoured but filling at the same time for breakfasts so yeah ~ Also, I need my daily serve of coffee so of course I had to grab a cup of Starbucks!


After breakfast, he took me onto a Hornsby train and told me not to look at the stations that we were going to pass because it was meant to be another one of his cute little surprises. It turned out that we were going to Macquarie Centre for ice skating and I was very happy that he brought me there since the last time I ice skated was a long 4years ago.
Macquarie charges $19 for students and the locker hire was $4. I guess it was decent but what I found with all the ice skating rinks were that they all look run down, almost like an old rusty school gym. Also, their skates were not very well maintained as some of the ones they gave to Benson were broken.With that aside, it was pretty good. Since it was Benson's first time ice skating, it took him some time to get used to sliding on ice. It was a little difficult at first as I had to get used to the ice as well (4 years is a long time) and most of the time, we just fell together because I was holding his hand when he wasn't holding the railing so when he wobbled, I would too and yeah.
But since he was a fast learner and I was an awesome teacher, he got the gist of ice skating pretty fast. lols.
But yeah. Ice skating is a great place to bring your dates because you get to be close to each other and fall down together. hahahs (not really) but yeah! It was good fun. (:
We finished the day with very bruised butts and he hurt his elbow but it was all worth it.

Did I mention that it was our 10 month?
I didn't know that today was the 5th since I don't tend to keep track of dates.
hahahs. Silly me.

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