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Today was the first day screening of Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon in 3D and I went to watch it at Event Cinema in Townhall with Conan junkie after school. Haven't seen him in a year so I guess it was kinda like a reunion for us?
mm anyways onto the movie.
first thing's first. ROSIE HUNTINGTON'S BODY IS SOOOOOO HOTTTTTTTT!!!!! The 3D effect made it even more alluring. (:
Overall the movie managed to captivate me and surprisingly kept me awake; even though half of that was because Conan kept throwing popcorns on me throughout the movie.
But yeah. it had an enough amount action, sexy cars that I'd never be able to afford and with a touch of a sexy Victoria Secrets' model.
It kept me on my seat. And i believe it will keep you rather entertained for two and a half hours too.

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