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 late night ramble: need new phone
Recently my dad asked me if I wanted an Iphone4, but since I dislike apple products I said no.
But then like a week later, he managed to grab himself one and thinks he's like top sh*t because to him, it's just cool to have one.
After that, he also upgraded my mum's phone into a HTC Desire HD, the phone that I was looking into buying.
And now, because I've had the LG Renoir for about 3yrs, it's wearing down and dying on me.. (battery life is drained super fast - yes I have purchased numerous batteries, screen is screwing up, certain functions not working, lags like a bitch.. the list goes on. Bascially I can't do anything other than text or call).. and I've realised that the amount of money I have wasted on fixing this phone in order for it to even function was enough to buy me a new one.

* sigh... depressing.
I need a new phone. 

- next time when offered a free new phone from parents: just take it
- never buy LG phones ever again

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