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 work day two.
I helped fairy sparkles for 2 sessions at the hospital garden today. It was very tiring as I had to clean her table and stool set and then washed her pots with Catherine. But it was a worthwhile job as we did get to play with the fairy's little black Pomeranian named Inkling.

Fairy Sparkles is a very kind lady and she has helped many hospitals gain a garden of their own just like this one! You can check her out here. (:

mm we had lunch at some thai/viet restaurant and ordered a bowl of pho and pad thai.
I don't know.. the food was just very average. Can't say much about it. :S

After lunch we went to our final session together with a few nurses and just put together some new born files for expecting mothers! we made a total of 83sets in 30mins! New record! :D

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