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- slept in because alarm didn't ring
- ended up running a marathon to find Catherine in the morning on the other side of the City, but ended up at my starting point once we were on the bus
- got lost inside the hospital so we ran another marathon trying to find the coordinator
- finally found them in a conference room and we ended up being half an hour late, but they haven't explained many procedures so it was alright
- learnt how to make balloon animals! >:D
- went to sort out blood bank files
- had lunch at the Star Cafe : chicken avo sandwich
- entered UNSW Med student reviews on data sheet for doctor
- the doctor then bought ONE purple carrot and offered me half. o.o;
- left and went to shopping at Townhall with Catherine
- met up with Vicky and Michelle
- Dinner at Takeru
- headed to IMAX and watched SUCKER PUNCH: boobs on swords. like seriously. a movie for guys who likes something with hot chicks where they'd fulfill their video game dreams of guns, swords, machines and fighting with short skirts, kinky costumes and chicks with hot bodies.
- Polaroid photos and then Catherine's parents sent me to the station! they're so nice. :D
- SORRY GUYS! I signed a contract saying that I cannot take any photos with patients and cannot tell you guys their amazing stories! I really want to but don't want to get sued so yeah. (:

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