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 my 17.

mm. I woke up this morning to Benson chucking a giant teddy bear on my head.
We named him Baby. hahahs. I know right.. unoriginallllll ~~
But nah, it was a very sweet moment because what he did next was very surprising.
He pulled out his guitar and sang me a song he wrote, which cracked me up because his voice is just horrible. JOKES! But yeah. And of course I teared up.. since I'm such a cry baby.

Then I realised I was still in bed, with hair everywhere and was just a mess. Wasn't a very pretty sight. But Benson reassured me that I was still beautiful no matter what I look like. (:
Anyways, I then got out of bed after half an hour of snoozing. *yeah I know.. once I sleep, i can't wake up*. Did the whole morning routine and went to the kitchen in search for food. But then I saw the cake he bought! :D
And yeah.. It was already afternoon by the time I got out of bed. ):

I ended up spending the day with Benson and my youngest brother, David. After a while, Peter came back from City with bags of stuff, in which he placed infront of my bedroom door. I discovered that he had went out that morning to pick up all these stuff from the City, gifts which he and a few others purchased! He's such a nice boy. ))):
There were a bunch a candles and home accessories from DUSK, a tea set from T2 and bath bombs from LUSH! Apparently he saw how stressed out I was during exams where I studied 24/7 and was worried about my health so he went out to get me these stuff to calm me down and help me rejuvenate myself. (:

Mm that was about it. Just close times with loved ones. And study for 4U exam which is on Monday.
It has become one of the happiest birthdays I've had. Yes, party with a whole group of friends is nice but spending intimate times with a few loved ones is just as nice. It allows you to relax and thoroughly enjoy and appreciate your time with these people. It's especially nice when it's during/after exams without all the hiatus. 
All in all, thank you all for your birthday wishes and I hope everyone would enjoy their birthdays just as much as I did!

-- and thank you Fitao for the perfume set!

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