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 1st school day of 2011
Got my timetable. It's not very pleasant. Like literally.. on Mondays, I have 3hrs of nothingness.
I dislike how they put the compulsory subjects at the end of the day so that everyone has to stay at the school.

Today was an easy day.. just assemblies and introductions to the new year.
However it was extremely hot!!! Like 37'C+ and out school doesn't have any fans so it was like an oven in the classroom.

Also, we received our diaries during period 4! They're so much more bulky and uglier than last year's. grr
Like literally 1/4 of it was filled with random/useless facts.. what a waste of paper. I would've been happier if it was just a normal diary with dated and lined pages as well as relevant space to date our work.

But yeah.. that was my day. Nothing much happened. Just had tuition for Chemistry with Anson an hour ago.. am I extremely tired. But I will push on!
Just like what Mr Morris said:

"Just because you go to a selective school, doesn't mean you automatically get high marks. The only advantage you have is that you're up against some of the most talented kids in the state, right in this room. Not you, but the people around you. Thus the only way to get there in the end, is to support each other and put your heads down, bums up and work hard for it."

As sad as that sounds. I truly agree.

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