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For NYE:
- went to RTA to register for a driver's license
oh and did I mention it was SUPERRR HOTTTT? Like nearly 40'C hot. And I was in a pair of skinny jeans and a black tshirt. = =;;
- went out and met up with Benson
- arrived at Green Box where Carl, Jess.W, Tin, Michelle, Selina, Howard, Cornelius and Brian were karaoke-ing
- ate dinner at SeoulRia with them and James Ruse peers
- after dinner, I bumped into Gerald, Izzy, Diana, Donna, Jeremy, Collin & Frank at the same restaurant
- made our way to Milson's Point, but everyone else went to Nrth Sydney instead so Carl, Tin, Joanne, Christine, Andrew, Benson & I all had to get on the next train to Nrth Sydney
- walked to Blues Point where the view was just exceptional and the bridge was right in front of us
- everyone set up the sitting spot near the ambulance outside the park as it was too crowded inside
- 9pm fireworks was bland
- some people left after the 9pm fireworks so we all sneaked into the park and got ourselves a spot rightttt infront of the bridge
- now we played the 3hr waiting game, during which Raymond and his gangster friends came to sit with us
- some of us fell asleep while the love birds were in their own little worlds
- 12am fireworks finally came and everyone stood up to watch - wasn't too great but it was still nice
this yr's theme was an opened hand. :D
- after that I had to rush home so Benson and I just left. The others stayed behind for the alkii and I think they were all crashing over at Cornelius' mansion. lols

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