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 Surprise no#1
Benson has voluntarily taken up the job of making my last holidays as fun as possible.
The first surprise was meant to be the Aquarium, but I popped his bubble so he said it wasn't a surprise anymore.
Instead he brought me to the Sydney Wildlife Park located at the end of the harbour right next to the Aquarium.
That seriously took me by surprise. hahahs
But yeah. It was my first time visiting the Wildlife museum!
There were so many little kids. But then again, I guess I missed out a lot while I was a kid so this makes up for it.
The first thing I came into was a GIANT LEGO COWBOY ON A HORSE!
It was .. almost.. 3-4m?
but yeah it was huge! Now I want to get myself a Lego House.
Took photos here and there. I kept tapping on all the display glasses in hopes that the animals would pay attention to me. ):


hahahs. Also I saw some real life Koalas (for the first time) !!!!! They were so adorable. There was one that kept hugging a pole. *giggles.

After the museum, we headed off to Chat Thai to have lunch.
I had a calamari pad thai and an iced long black, whereas Benson has a fresh blend of Watermelon & ice and a chicken pad thai.
I just love this place.
It's small, but cozy.
Has the best ambiance where u are basically obliged to chat with your friends and family while you eat the tasty authentic thai food the restaurant offers!
But sometimes it can get very very busy, especially during dinnertime! So make sure you guys book a table or else you'd probably end up waiting for 2hrs for one. >.<

Chat Thai Haymarket 
20 Campbell St. Haymarket
tel 9211 1808 


All satisfied and full, we headed off and I sent Benson to the station. Then I went to find my mummy, where together, we went to the new Pitt St Mall and Westfield for Christmas Shopping!!!

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