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 18th Birthday Dinner
Dinner at Jazushi - great place with awesome contemporary Japanese food with a decent price tag and great ambience. I booked the roof which is more for quiet gatherings with lantern deco, downstairs is a lot more noisy with live Jazz band and it would be pretty hard to get a convo across. The girls also thought the waiters were really cute.
Drinks at The Red Door - small little bar hidden next to Fouveux. It was pretty nice but didn't get to stay for long before the movie was going to start; bartenders were flirty though. hahah
The Hunger Games at Event Cinemas - was 10mins late and missed it by a bit. But still great movie since I haven't read the book before. (:

Thanks to the girls I got the Gucci Flora fragrance, chocolate, Lush gift box and some other nitty gritty plushies.
Zahav also gave me a nice little illustration book with a box of fancy pralines he got from Kingscross
Bubbi made me a little garden in a box. (:

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 18th Birthday + Bellabox
Uni til 5pm and then went dinner at Crinitis Darling Harbour: Wood Fire Pizza in Minchia and Cosimo (0.5m) and Tortellini Alla Boscaiola, and for drinks I had a Lychee Martini and Benson had a Manberry Mocktail - all together $120AUD. Service was excellent and the waitress was so sweet, ambience was very romantic and the lighting was very dim. Everything's freshly made and tasted very fresh!
Benson drove me home and we picked Peter up from tutor on the way. Andddd when we arrived home, Peter surprised me with a gift from Swarovski! :O
Apparently he got a $100 discount cause he was a student. So next time I wanna buy something from there, I'll just get him to grab it for me. LOL

I'm going to hold an official party on Saturday with all my close friends because the wkdays are filled with work from uni so it's almost impossible to celebrate throughout the wk.
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 First Week Of Uni!
Again, sorry about the delays in posts. They are all recorded in my drafts, it's just that, uni has been very demanding and I am a workaholic. So... yeah. Just haven't been able to publish them on time.
hah. I should really just stop apologising and get on with publishing everything! :S

First thing's first. UNI HAS OFFICIALLY STARTED!
And I am timetable to be at UNSW for 3 days/wk (Mon, Wed, Thur) for approx 6-8hrs per day with around 1-2hr break in between.
Yeah.. They're kinda long days, but it's what I have to do in order to avoid going to uni for more than 3days.
And no, I do NOT have the same or even similar timetable to Benson's. This is simply because we find it easier to focus on our studies without each other lingering around one another. And also, this way, we can make new friends along the way without making them feel third wheel and such I guess.

mm.. How am I coping? Well, I think it's fine as long as you take notes in lectures, do all your readings and tutorial questions. It can get tough at times, and you might find yourself cramming those extra bits and pieces until 3am in the morning or on the train to uni.. but it's do-able; as long as everything is scheduled properly and you set yourself to strictly do what you want to achieve.
Even though I'm saying all that, I'm far from being a good student. To be honest, I didn't even read the course outlines before Uni started. In fact, I didn't even log onto my UNSW account to check the blackboard on what was expected on the first day - eg. print out lecture notes. In fact, I didn't even know what blackboard was! Yeah.. the holidays totally took over, and I was still in "chill-mode", but then after my first lecture (since there were no tutorials the first week), I started to get a panic attack and went on the net that night to get everything under control -ish....

And the rumours are definitely true about the lectures. During the first few days, the lecture halls were so packed, that students had to sit on the floor. But as days passed, the lecture halls are now just barely half full.
heheh. Also to say that I've never skipped a lecture is definitely a lie. I can't stand sleeping through accounting on those super uncomfortable lecture chairs, I'd rather sleep at home instead. hahahs. It's okay though... as long as you don't skip every week, you should be well on your way to a good mark. (:

What else... oh! Where do I eat when I'm at uni? Well, on campus, I would either grab the toasted sweet chilli chicken wrap at the Upstairs Quad Foodcourt ($8) or go to Whitehouse and grab the Chicken wrap with chips for $7. If I'm not going for a quick bite then I'll walk down Kingsford, Anzac Pde to this pretty neat Thai Restaurant called Taste of Thai and grab their nicely whipped up dishes for $10 or go right next door to a Korean/Japanese Restaurant called Nikko for some ramen/curry! (:


Another thing is that I bought a new printer specifically for uni. This is because we have to grab our own lecture notes and tutorial material off the uni website, and since I don't want to carry a laptop to uni everyday, I'd have to print everything out and sort them out into folders manually. And since there would be approximately 100sheets printed every week, I figured it would be a good choice to switch from an inkjet to a laser printer. And so, I went out to OfficeWorks with Benson (cause he had his Hyundai i30 which he adores to death) and each of us purchased a new printer! Because I like to have double sided print pages as it saves paper and space, I grabbed a monochrome laser printer that had automatic duplex printing function - the Brother HL-2242D for $98.42AUD (rrp. $149). It turns out that it's extremely handy and compact, gets the job done in a nick of time - I go off to make a cup of tea and when I come back, everything's printed up in a nicely stacked pile - the website states that it prints 24ppm, so it's not bad for something so small! (:

- image -

mm.. what else.... Nothing much has happened, other than the fact that we have to find new clothes to wear everyday. After a few days, you kinda give up and just rock up with jeans and a t-shirt. hahahs. But this still further feeds my obsession with shopping, especially in the form of online bargains. :X
I've also been driving if that counts! Getting my hours filled and all that good stuff. On my 90th hour now, if you're curious! Though, I did have to switch instructors as the last one was a total scam.. and she was an Asian with really poor English.. you get the gist. It was just a recipe for disaster. Since then, I've switched to a male instructor in which my dad strongly disapproves of as he is ifty on male teachers (that's why he got me that lady), but then again, my instructor's super old. So tsall good!
But yeah.. that's it for now I guess!
CHAO! (:

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