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 18th Birthday Dinner
Dinner at Jazushi - great place with awesome contemporary Japanese food with a decent price tag and great ambience. I booked the roof which is more for quiet gatherings with lantern deco, downstairs is a lot more noisy with live Jazz band and it would be pretty hard to get a convo across. The girls also thought the waiters were really cute.
Drinks at The Red Door - small little bar hidden next to Fouveux. It was pretty nice but didn't get to stay for long before the movie was going to start; bartenders were flirty though. hahah
The Hunger Games at Event Cinemas - was 10mins late and missed it by a bit. But still great movie since I haven't read the book before. (:

Thanks to the girls I got the Gucci Flora fragrance, chocolate, Lush gift box and some other nitty gritty plushies.
Zahav also gave me a nice little illustration book with a box of fancy pralines he got from Kingscross
Bubbi made me a little garden in a box. (:

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