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 Eat. Shop. Cafes. in Korean Town
I went to stratty with Janet today because we wanted to have some girl to girl, catch up, D&M time!
Anyways since I had my driving lesson at 10:30am to 12:30pm (no I didn't run anyone over and I'm actually a decent driver), we decided to meet at Strathfield Station at 2pm.
However, as I got on the train and walked up the stairs to take a seat, a random Asian girl started frantically waving at me - and it was only then that I realised that girl was Janet! hahahs. It was literally like fate brought us together. She didn't actually realise it was me until I took my seat as well. :3

It had started to rain after we got off our train and with an umbrella in hand, we made our way to Arisun for lunch - a Korean/Chinese restaurant that Janet usually eats in with her family. It took us a while to decide on what we wanted to eat but we ended up getting a Jajangmyun and a Seafood Fried Rice to share. It was cute how Janet had to speak Korean to the waiters every time we wanted something because I have always had an issue eating in the restaurants in Strathfield as I'm not Korean and I can't speak Korean so it's always extremely awkward trying to get my order straight and eating in comfort - anyone else feel the same? or is it just me. :S
We were given 3 side dishes - kimchi, pickled radish and onion as well as tea and when the black bean noodles came, Janet stirred it for us as she is the ultimate pro! We started to eat and it was until then that I found a string of hair in the kimchi... I kinda freaked out but didn't make a scene and just .. didn't really eat after that. hahahs. The restaurant itself was busy at all times and the interior was okay - not too bad. The meal ended up to be $23 but since I had the hair incident, I have been traumatised and don't think I'll ever go back there ever again.

After our meal, we decided to go for a coffee break and went to My Sweet Memories! Unfortunately, all their tables were filled so I suggested for us to go to Hello Happy! Once inside, Janet ordered our drinks in Korean again (heheh) and I got a Caramel Macchiato ($5) and Janet ordered a Flat White ($4). After our order, we just sat down and talked about life and things that mattered to us - sometime about the people around us - just basically everything that in some way would or have affected us.. hahahs. It was a very light hearted D&M session and incredibly, 3hrs flew by just like that. We're both people who like to just sit down in cafes and just chat and with so many things in common, we really don't run out of things to say so really, it was our way of spending time and having fun. (:
Oh btw, the caramel macchiato was actually very nicely presented and it tasted fantastic! Can never go wrong with Hello Happy and I have been a fan since yr11. :D

Luvo Roll

We left Hello Happy after realising that we had sat at that same spot on the orange couch for quite a while and after we exited the cafe, Janet took me to Moochi - a frozen yoghurt cafe that apparently everyone had been raving about. It was quite packed and we just rushed our order - Me: a watermelon yoghurt with mango pieces and Janet: a green tea yoghurt with blueberries for $3-4? The frozen yoghurt comes in a swirl, housed in paper cups with the real fruit pieces on the side for u to scoop and enjoy. Other than the fruit options, there were also gummi bears, cereals, chocolate and other nifty little sweets to fulfill your sweet tooth. The watermelon flavour wasn't very nice as it didn't have that authentic watermelon taste, but Janet's green tea yoghurt was actually like green tea ice cream so it tasted a lot better than mine.

We just ended up enjoying our dessert on the little plastic chairs outside the store and after we were done, we left and went towards Morning Glory to waste some time before heading home together. (:

@ Strathfield Station

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