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 11/11/11 PICNIC
So today was the special day of 11/11/11!!! The day where you're meant to make your wishes all day longggg~
Anyways, bubbi and I decided to have a picnic at Pyrmont Point Park aka Pirrama Park!
We met up at Townhall and took the bus at York St with all our picnic goodies - Benson brought an esky and most of the food/drink and tools while I had the kite, sausages, drinks and other little stuff~ yeah he was really well prepared as always and I just appreciate how much effort he puts into our little outings all the time. <33
The weather turned out to be extremely good, like super sunny considering that it was raining for the past week.
We arrived at the park and the bus driver was extremely nice to tell us to enjoy our day when we were getting off. :3

They renovated the park since the last time I went with new children equipment area and fountain and all that good stuff so I was very excited to show Benson around. Also the reason why I chose this park was because you could see the Anzac Bridge and the Harbour Bridge! It's extremely well managed and you get grass, concrete, wharf and the sea, what more could you ask for?
Anyways we found a nice little shady spot with tables, benches, modern electric BBQs and water - basically just everything that we needed for a perfect picnic - and we started to set up our stuff to start cooking all the chicken we had. Bubbi was in charge of cooking the meat cause he thinks he's awesome with BBQs and I was helping to chop all the vegetable up!
The food took a while to cook but it was all good because we got to spend time each having a go at poking at the meat and all that fun stuff! There were a lot of pigeons trying to steal our food, they even went to the extent of stepping over the BBQ stove once we were done cooking....

After we finished our yummylicious food, we decided to go fly a kite. We both have never flown a kite before so I decided to buy a kite so that we'd experience flying one together for the first time in our lives. The wind was pretty much going everywhere but after a long and tedious battle with the ocean wind, we managed to make it fly. It flew for around 5mins and came crashing down before we weren't able to fly it anymore no matter how hard we tried. And so, we surrendered and set off to Dixon Pool to find "the boys" and Ren. (:

After a few rounds of pool, we all waved goodbye to Ren and headed off to Kabow for some korean food. Jess and Selina arrived and everyone started to order alcohol. Benson and I decided to leave before everyone got smashed as they do get very crazy when they are drunk - eg. Tony pouring the cup of sake on himself and saying that no one poured any in his cup.

Anyways, after we left, bubbi had to show me a surprise and took me to Darling Harbour to light up candles as a form of making a wish on 11/11/11. It was super sweet and even though the candles didn't light up because of the strong wind, I was very appreciative of his efforts. x))))))
It was just sooooo sweet. But yeah. After we made our wishes, we headed back to Townhall station before it started to rain.


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