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 Glossybox 2012 Feb
So this month's Glossybox is a limited edition Valentines Day box whereby the packaging has changed into a hot pink box with white printed logo. Although inside the box, you will find the usual wrapping layout with the card consisting of a message from the glossybox team and an info list of all the products you have received, the colour of the wrapping has also changed - grey ribbon, white and pink wrapping paper and a love heart sticker.

Anyways onto the unwrapping of the box, I was greeted with discount cards from Activeskin and Proactiv in which I am extremely likely not to use simply because they are just not worth the money. 
And this month, I found 6 items. 5 of which are products and 1 bonus love heart candy in celebration of Valentines Day.

And here is the list of products I have received with personal opinions and whatnot. (:

Carmex Moisture Plus Lip Balm (full sized 2g. rrp: $8.99)
Now I have been a user of the original Carmex Lip Balm in the pot since junior high and I can say that I'm not a big fan of the brand but its products are good enough for the usual chapped lips. The difference between this lip balm and the original is that it comes in a more stylish thin tube, it smells less strange and has SPF15. 
It states that it also contains Vitamin E and Aloe Vera but the feel of the balm is no different to the original; non sticky, gives a slight sheen and in terms of moisturisation, it's relatively good. The ingredients are relatively chemical based consisting mostly of esters, mineral wax, oils and butters. Overall, it's not the best lip balm I have tried and in consideration of the price, I wouldn't repurchase it in shops.

Proactiv Deep Cleansing Wash (60mL; rrp 475mL $39.95)
Comes in a neat little travel sized bottle and the product itself doesn't look or feel much different from regular exfoliants or face wash with microbeads. There's not much I can comment about this since I've passed my phase of having extremely bad breakouts. Though due to its high level of alcohol, salicylic acid with the combination of benzoic acid, this is going to be strong for some users and may irritate your skin quite a bit. It also contains fragrance which gives it a very refreshing, clay based mask smell and it does give me the squeaky clean feeling after.

Face Of Australia Mineral Lip Shine - Beach House (full sized 4.5g, rrp: $12.95)
To be honest, I've never payed attention to FOA whenever I shopped at the drugstores simply because they are always displayed to be a very low ranged brand. But upon trying this out, I'm now more interested in their range of products because this lip shine is very impressive. This "lip shine" comes in a lipstick tube and once you open it you would expect it to be just like a lipstick but upon application its thin creamy texture gives it a more lipbalm/gloss finish which is non sticky and extremely moisturising. In terms of colour, it gives off a very beautiful peachy bronze sheen with mini golden shimmer which will suit most skin tones and is perfectly suited to summer looks; it's not opaque but not completely sheer. This is hands down, my favourite product from this month's box.

Star and Rose Floral Wonderland Emergency Nail Files (unknown - upon request)
Basically it's just a range of mini nail files that you can snap off and use when you have a nail emergency. It's a cute concept and perfect for slipping into your handbags. 

Bobbi Brown Lash Glamour Extreme Lengthening Mascara (3mL; rrp: 6mL $48)
This is a relatively good mascara which will lengthen your lashes individually but since it's not waterproof, it won't hold up the curls for me at all. It is long wearing and smudgeproof as tested throughout a normal day - 6hrs. In consideration of the price and it's effects, I will not be repurchasing this simply because I have already found my HG mascara and this mascara really doesn't do much for my sparse Asian lashes.

Overall, this month's box didn't disappoint me (same neutral feeling as last month's box) and I will continue to be subscribed to Glossybox!

By the way, my brother also received his Men's Glossybox today and I will continue this post once he's opened and tried his products. (:

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