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 Officially enrolled
I went to UNSW (University of New South Wales) this morning with Zahav, Angela, Benson, Irene, Roger, Maria and Mabel to collect our UNSW student cards. Benson and Angela was late so Zahav and I headed to Gloria Jeans for some iced coffee (since it was superrrr hot) before meeting up at eddy avenue bus stop!
When we arrived at UNSW, we had to walk a longgggg way up in the sun before reaching the office and was then redirected to the library. Once we entered the library, we were offered freebies by a guy and of course we took them! Inside were some pamphlets, a 2Gb USB and a cute highlighter wheely thing! (:
We all took turns to take our Uni Student Card photo and it turned out that because the lighting was so bad, everyone basically looked horrendous in their photo; especially the ones of Benson and Zahav's.

After leaving the uni, I headed to Sushi Hotaru under Kinokuniya (in the Galeries) with Angela n Zahav while the others went to Chat Thai downstairs in food court. The food there was mediocre and the space for the tables and seating were tiny, but since they had a deal where it was $3 a plate for any sushi train dish, we were okay with what we got.

Were rushed to eat so wasn't able to take pictures of food. This is a photo Angela took with her phone

Once we finished our food, Angela, Benson, Zahav and I left the others and went shopping. We didn't end up buying anything but had a nice drink at T2 - they mixed their Green Rose with some ice, rose petals, berries and passionfruit and it was DELICIOUSLY YUMMY! - should try it at home.
Oh and angela and zahav also got their hands moisturised at the LUSH store. (:
Then we went to starbucks in hopes of finding an air conditioned place to chill since we were just sweating nonstop in the summer heat, but people who weren't even drinking were bagging the seats so we walked out and went to Secret cafe.
We sat down on the outside tables and lounge and we each ordered a drink: me-affogato, Benson-peach iced tea, Zahav-strawberry milk shake, Angela-spring water and played big 2 and poker together.
Benson somehow tried to make the game more exciting by deciding who the winner was with the person who ended up with the most chips from poker set. Benson won the whole game of big 2, Angela left for home and then I played poker for the first time in my life and won every game! YAY!

Then we played a couple of games of pool and headed to Mappen across the road for dinner: udon, tempura and seaweed all under 10bux, hell yeah!

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