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 Under the weather~
Sydney's been having a very Cloudy/Rainy Summer... so I've also gotten quite sick lately therefore I've been mostly a hermit at home.. painting..

But today I decided to go out with Benson just to get some fresh air into my lungs.
mm I got to Central at around 2pm cause Benson had to go to tvb station to complain about his subscription beforehand. After we met up, we went to Chat Thai for brunch and as I've mentioned before, they've added new additions to the menu and most of the prices for the food increased by $1 but it's still good.
I had Yen Ta For - wide rice noodle with pork and seafood in a nice red looking salty soup - $10.90 and Benson had Chicken: Pad See Ew and Chilli Fried Rice for $9.90 and $11.90 respectively. We also ordered 6 Pork Skewers - $2 each.

checking twitter and my Yen Ta For (taken by bubs)

After our very filling meal, we headed towards Pitt St Mall where we roamed around the shops and bought some stuff from Cotton On since we had a $30 gift card. Benson bought 2 T-Shirts and I just bought a plain Singlet. It was a funny experience since he told me to choose the prints for him and all I picked were shirts with the naked or partially naked girls on them. (:

We also found a new (kinda) food court inside Pitt St Mall! It's literally like.. the most expensive food court in Sydney.. but it was nearly empty when we got there.. o.o; It's basically like a hugeee, nicely decorated place with barely anyone eating there. Though this might have been because it was nearly 4pm? The restaurants there included but was not limited to: Chat Thai, Ding Tai Fung, Max Brenners and a really neat little dessert cafe in the middle which has really exquisite chocolate for sale.
Anyways as we finished walking around Pitt St Mall, we just went to Kinokuniya and sat down to chill with some Pokemon Mangas. Benson also bought some stuff from there while I got myself a few classics since they were only $9.95 each.

After that, we just both headed home as it was starting to get late.
As I got home, I found 2 packages! 1 from OzSale and the other from SaSa.
It turned out that my IHana 13 piece brush set ($75AUD; rrp $249AUD) and my Caudalie skincare set + other skin care stuff ($75.40USD) had arrived.
I'm super excited to try the stuff out and do a thorough review of the items because I've tried the mini set from IHana from a BrandsExclusive order before and it turned out to be fantastic! Super durable, amazingly soft, doesn't shed but did have a funny scent in the beginning- the hair are natural goat hair and handles are made out of natural hard lacquered wood; they also have a vegan 17 brush set. On the other hand Caudalie is a French skincare line that focuses their products around grapes as their products use the antioxidant power of grape seed polyphenols to provide skin protection against free radicals - I got nearly all their products for around $10 (rrp $30-40USD) each during the massive sale Sasa had on during CNY so I'm super happy about that deal.

Anyways, I have to go take my medicine and get some rest now...

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