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So today was our second Valentine's Day together and it all began this morning when Benson surprisingly rocked up to my house in his new car and red P plates. It had turned out that he had passed his driver's license test and he wanted me to be his first passenger - also he had wanted to asap take me to places that are usually hard to get to via public transport. heheh he's so sweet - to the point where he burnt a specific CD with music just for me. > w <

After I had gotten ready, he told me that we were going to Bronte Beach and so I packed my bag, got the GPS going and set off to the sunny coast of Bondi/Bronte. However, I found out that I didn't have any sunscreen left, so we had to drive to the nearest supermarket to grab a bottle - I ended up going to BigW for the Neutrogena dry touch sunscreen with SPF30+ since to me, it feels better than any other sunscreen out there in the Australian market (I usually buy sunmilk from Japan as they dry clear and feels like nothing).
It became extremely sunny when we began our trip and the traffic wasn't so bad so we managed to get to our destination in under an hour (even though we did accidentally skip some directions from the GPS). After we arrived at the beach, we parked our car on the main hill which allowed for 1hr parking with the cost of $5.50 and this was like a 1min walk from the beach so it was alright.

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We walked towards the little white shelters on the beach and started to put sunscreen on each other. After getting sun safe, we walked near where the lifeguard sat and put our stuff down before approaching the sea. But we soon found out that there were bluebottles washed up near the shore recently and so we had to be very careful to not get stung. Benson piggy backed me past the area where the most bluebottles were washed up on and after that we just ran across the wet sand with the waves and enjoyed our time in the sun. (:

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Benson had started to get hungry near the time when our parking permit expired and so we decided to head towards Bondi Junction for lunch!
We parked our car inside Bondi Westfields as it was free parking for 2hrs and made our way to find a nice little restaurant to have some food. We ended up eating at Ichi-Ban Boshi and I ordered an Iced Coffee with Kimuchi Ramen while Benson ordered a Negumi? Ramen and an Iced Lemon Tea. The food was not too bad but Benson did complain that it was basically a huge bowl of just noodles with 1 piece of meat - even though the noodles have a very nice texture and the soup was fantastic! Also, the Iced Coffee did just taste like instant coffee with milk and ice - I preferred the Iced Lemon Tea a lot more.

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After getting stuffed with ramen, we just walked around Bondi until the shops kinda started to close before we made our way home. Andddd that was basically how I spent my Valentine's Day. (:
Even though it's not the usual roses and dinner, I was extremely happy to see that Benson just went about his usual display of affection and surprises. hehe
Warning: Extreme personal P.O.V so you're really not obliged to take any of my words.
Because to me, it means more than any bouquet, chocolate or bear as it proves that he knows who I am and what I prefer - as I have said before: "What makes the 365th day more special than the 1st? or the 273rd for that matter? It's only a measurement of time and if you love someone, it really shouldn't matter. Every second should be spent with affection and treasured with the same amount of significance as they are all experiences you have shared together." However, there is of course nothing wrong with celebrating Valentine's Day and Anniversaries, because in reality, us girls like to be showered with excess love and gifts - as long as we both enjoy ourselves and know what really matters. I'm no expert and to be honest I really am just bsing here but all I'm saying is that, no one should get caught up with measuring time and gifts - so if your special someone do forget a 'special day' (which I often do), don't get angry at them and just know that at that very moment, they might just be caught up in thinking of where to take you next to sweep you off your feet; just trying to make every moment you share together a memorable one. (:
hahahs I hope that didn't offend anyone but that is just how I operate and I am very thankful that Benson accepts this part of me. :D

Anyways.. I think this is getting a little too long and I'm just rambling on with boring non necessary talk.
So I'll leave you guys at that and hope everyone had as much fun as I did on Valentine's Day 2012!

*did I also mention that my dad bought my mum a bouquet of roses? lols. How cute right? :D

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