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yesterday. (26/12/10)
went with Benson and brothers (Peter & David) at Bondi Junction Westfields.
arrived at 8am and all the stalls were empty
By the time it was 9am, the whole shopping centre was packed with people!

spent $400AUD
but had a FCUK Bag stolen

Windsor Smith Shoes - Black Leather ($149.95 - $79AUD)
SUPER comfy and I love the way they look!

Flats from Wittner ($139.95 - $69.95AUD)
Very practical and matches with almost everything!

Levi's Curve ID Skinnies ($119.95 - $71.97AUD)
I'm a DEMI-Curve but they didn't have any in 27, so instead I took the Bold Curve, and surprisingly it still fits very well.
LOVE they way they shape my legs! (and yes I have big thighs and was always scared to wear skinnies)

Mossimo underwear ($24.99 - $10.50AUD)
yeahh... don't ask...

BNT underwear set ($60 - $30AUD)
love microfiber!

2 FCUK shirts (1 of which was stolen) (both $49.95 - $19.95)
everyday casual wear. Super comfy and stylish!

Also bought some Mossimo & Levi's Jeans and FCUK shirts for my brother so it tallied up to $400.
Very Happy with all my purchases! But not very happy with the thief who stole the bag of FCUK merchandise.


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