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Recently, my HP laptop adapter stopped working so I have been surviving on my mini me - Samsung Netbook. Luckily HP sent me an email during Xmas, promoting their range of battery and adapters for the new years and I bought myself a new HP 90W Smart AC Adapter for my Pavillion! Prior to getting this adapter, I have been to Dicksmith in search for a universal adapter, but that didn't go down very well, as the various plugs to the laptop in the pack didn't fit (even though the packaging said it fits for "HP, Sony, Asus..blahblahblah laptops").

But! I'm very happy with my $69AUD purchase (with free shipping! *squeals*) and it's been working like a charm!


"I'M BACK!" was Posted On: Monday, January 24, 2011 @6:36 PM | 0 lovely comments

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