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 eco outing
This evening Greg.L, our economics tutor invited us to go on a tutor outing where we all relax and have fun with the whole class at the City under the City nightlife!
We met up at 330pm at Strathfield station and took the train to Central together. While on the train, we had found out that Greg has forgot to book the restaurant for a table at Chat Thai and so we were all nervous about having to wait 2hrs for a table. But when we got there, the lady was nice enough to give us a table within 5mins because we had like 12 people with us.
I ordered a Chicken Padsiew and some pork skewers! YUMMMM! If you guys ever go to Chat Thai, you HAVE TO try their pork skewers. They are the most scrummiest yummiest entrees out!

After dinner, I led the way towards SECRET CAFE at Townhall where Greg had booked rm1 for 2hrs.
Inside the room, we started with a game of Jenga where I pulled out one of the most unstable pieces (yeah unlucky) but didn't manage to knock the pieces over. Everyone clapped after. hahahs.

mm we then played Pictionary and turned into a very intense game with the two oldest boys - Greg and Daniel (22-23) screaming their lungs out like little kids. We were split into teams of 4, and had a piece of paper each to scribble on. The group kept complaining about Secret being stingy and not giving us more paper to play with, even though we're paying them over a hundred dollars for 2hrs. hahahs. The game ended when we ran out of paper and when the boys started getting frustrated over the scores.

After that we went to play pool while the others played poker: Winston and I was against Daniel and Zahav; and we won! cause I managed to wipe the table in the end after Daniel wiped his balls first and then missed a shot. Overall it was a very good game.

And then we all join in the game of poker and ended our time in Secret with some funny videos on youtube.
I would like to thank Greg for paying for our time inside SECRET! (:

The whole group then headed towards French Riviera and I shared a bowl of Icecream ($25) with Sam, Victoria, Winston and Zahav. It was horrible but Winston insisted on finishing it simply because it was 25bux.
mm During the process of enjoying our icecream Greg was just being the matchmaker and gossiping and teasing everyone in the class. The night closed with a photo near the icecream palour and overall it was a fun night!

Only photos I had left since all the others were accidentally deleted.

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